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How to watch NFL games online, with or without cable

The NFL's 2018 season is here, and we know you don't want to miss a moment of the action. Our comprehensive streaming guide will show you all the best options to watch the games online so you can make the right choice.

You’ll soon be able to wear your favorite NFL jersey in ‘Fortnite’

Epic Games has partnered with the NFL to bring NFL jerseys to Fortnite. Starting this Friday, users can purchase jerseys from all 32 NFL teams with V-bucks. Jersey numbers can be changed at any time, and you can even cosplay as a referee.
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Alexa can now tell you the odds of the next big football game

Alexa can now answer questions about your favorite NFL teams and players, such as what team is favored to win the upcoming game or what player has racked up the most distance over the course of their career.

Will Antonio Brown fall victim to the Madden Curse?

Join us as we take a tour through the long-running history of the Madden Curse -- and Tom Brady's recent accolades. We all know John Madden is a longtime NFL talent, but is he also an agent of dark forces?

Twitch adds a new 24/7 streaming sports channel called Stadium

When you think of Twitch, you don't normally think of traditional sports like football and basketball. The company hopes to change that with a new channel called Stadium, delivering 24/7 events, highlights, and commentary on sports.
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The NFL is getting into bed with Sleep Number, hoping to get some better rest

The NFL and Sleep Number are joining forces to offer every player in the league a Sleep Number 360 smart bed to help improve players' performance by aiding their recovery between games.
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NFL’s ‘Thursday Night Football’ has found a new home on Fox

Goodbye, CBS and NBC. Thursday Night Football is moving on to yet another new home. The NFL has reached a five-year deal with another network that is reportedly worth more than $3 billion.

This NFL merchandise will get you ready for the big game

In an effort to help you become the fan you were meant to be, we've rounded up some of the best NFL merchandise. Find everything from jerseys to footballs to support your favorite team, even if they didn't make it all the way.
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Facebook series, ‘Tom vs Time,’ will explore Tom Brady’s fight against aging

Tom Brady's quest for his sixth Super Bowl ring and battle against aging will be the focus of the upcoming docuseries Tom vs Time. The six episodes will be available on Facebook Watch.
Virtual Reality

Super Bowl champ Reggie Bush never left football, he just went to VR

For five NFL games of the 2017 season, Super Bowl champion Reggie Bush served as co-anchor of NextVR's NFL highlight packages, offering player insight. He spoke with Digital Trends about how VR sports commentary may be the next phase of his…
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Verizon will help you watch the NFL … even if you’re not a Verizon customer

Football fan? Verizon just announced a $2 billion deal with the NFL that'll bring live game streams to the Yahoo Sports app for everyone to enjoy -- even if you're not a Verizon subscriber.
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Verizon and NFL move forward on deal to expand streaming rights

After months of attempting to get its streaming service off the ground, Verizon may have finally caught a break. It has been reported that the company is close to reaching a deal with the NFL that would expand its streaming rights.
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NFL is back with virtual reality highlights, but we’re still awaiting live games

For the second straight season, the NFL and NextVR deliver highlights from multiple games in virtual reality. This year, NextVR and NFL added compatibility with Microsoft's new Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

The Q-Collar aims to save your brain from concussions, goes on sale in Canada

While the FDA has yet to approve the device for medical use in the U.S., the Q-Collar is aimed at preventing brain injuries across all occupations by reducing brain movement in the skull when it sustains impact.
Emerging Tech

Unbeknownst to most fans, chips embedded in footballs help NFL gather more stats

For the first time, the NFL will have tracking devices inside of every football used during this season and playoffs to measure velocity, speed, location, and more. The NFL tracking footballs is part of its Next Gen Stats initiative started…
Health & Fitness

How Vicis developed Zero1, the high-tech helmet that could save the NFL

Vicis hopes to drastically reduce the number of concussions in football with its helmet, the Zero1. We went behind the scenes of its headquarters and manufacturing facility to see innovation in action.

New York Giants’ Sterling Shepard is not a fan of his ‘Madden NFL 18’ rating

New York Giants' Sterling Shepard tried out Madden NFL 18, and suggested a few changes the storied video game franchise should make. He was not a fan of his player rating in the game, and found out a clever way to change it.
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Twitter inks new streaming deal with NFL after losing live games to Amazon

Twitter recently lost its Thursday Night Football coverage to Amazon. But keen to keep fans on side, the social media company has just signed a new deal with the NFL for fresh content.