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Raise your voice for a good cause and let Amazon’s Alexa do the rest

You can have Alexa help you pay off your credit card, so it only makes sense that you also use your favorite smart assistant spend your money for a good cause, too. It will allow you to donate to a number of nonprofits by voice.
Social Media

Facebook expands nonprofit tools, stops taking a slice of donations

Facebook is launching new tools allowing users to donate, find or give help or even become a mentor online. Facebook is also dropping its five percent fee on donations, and is creating a $50 million Facebook Donations Fund.
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‘Where can I shower?’ ROVA could help the homeless by keeping them connected

The ROVA app would help the homeless find shelter, food, and jobs, and Karen Addato’s Hi-Tech Rover program would also provide phones with the app enabled.
Web is devoting $50 million in grants to help close the education gap is hoping to tackle the education gap with a $50 million in grants to nonprofits "building tech-based learning solutions," all of which are geared toward helping students and teachers.

Users can now donate to their favorite charities in the U.K. with Apple Pay

Apple has announced that its mobile payments platform now supports instant donations to nonprofits. Last year, it was only in the U.S., but now it's been expanded to 22 charities in the U.K. as well.

The U.S. government no longer controls the internet

The U.S. government just relinquished control over one very large entity -- the internet. As of Saturday, October 1, the U.S. government no longer exercises control over the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
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Facebook makes giving to charity easier with an integrated ‘Donate’ button

Facebook's new tools make it easier for users to donate to philanthropic causes and simpler for nonprofits to track their fundraising goals. They're rolling out in the US to start.
Emerging Tech

This awesome Kickstarter project creates amazing costumes for kids in wheelchairs

It's not every day that someone comes up with an amazing idea like the Magic Wheelchair, a self-described "nonprofit organization that turns wheelchairs into the envy of every trick-or-treater."