Future Nooks will include NFC tech for in-store book scanning

As more book sales transition from physical to digital copies, Barnes & Noble is looking to NFC technology to attract more customers into the retail locations around the country.

B&N eats its words, unveils a weaker 8GB Nook Tablet for $200

After trashing the Kindle Fire for not having enough RAM or Storage space, Barnes & Noble has released a new $200 Nook Tablet with half the RAM and half the storage of the original model.

Kobo announces Vox tablet to take on Kindle Fire

In time for Christmas, Canadian company Kobo has unveiled a 7-inch Android tablet that it hopes will draw consumers away from Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Barnes & Noble challenges Apple, Amazon with Android-powered Nook Color

Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color adds the full spectrum of color to print, giving it a leg up on Amazon’s Kindle and putting it eye-to-eye with the iPad as an e-reader.
barnes noble challenges apple amazon with android powered nook color thumb