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The EPA rejects Obama-era ‘54.4 mpg by 2025’ automotive mandate

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officially announced its rejection to renewing an Obama-era mandate requiring automakers to push for higher fuel economy standards on light vehicles.
epa rejects obama era 544 mpg by 2025 cafe mandate chief scott pruitt

President Obama believes clean energy momentum is too great to reverse

President Barack Obama believes that the momentum surrounding clean energy initiatives worldwide is too great for any incoming administration to try and reverse it for fossil fuel interests.
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President Obama pledges $4 billion in Computer Science for All program

President Obama, who as a candidate was known for his savvy social media use and his ever-present Blackberry, has now pledged $4 billion to fund computer science education in America's schools.

Obama ‘victory’ tweet is his most retweeted ever as news networks call election for Democrats

Barack Obama and his campaign team took to Twitter Tuesday night to thank supporters for turning out to vote, with Obama posting his most retweeted tweet ever in the process.
President Obama looking stoic