The EPA rejects Obama-era ‘54.4 mpg by 2025’ automotive mandate

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officially announced its rejection to renewing an Obama-era mandate requiring automakers to push for higher fuel economy standards on light vehicles.

President Obama believes clean energy momentum is too great to reverse

President Barack Obama believes that the momentum surrounding clean energy initiatives worldwide is too great for any incoming administration to try and reverse it for fossil fuel interests.

The presidential commission on cybersecurity has suggestions for Donald Trump

When Donald J. Trump takes Barack Obama's place as the President of the United States, cybersecurity will be among the first issues he'll need to address, the Presidential Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity has announced.

Obama to honor two women who helped shape computer science as we know it

Next week, President Obama will celebrate two of the women most instrumental in helping to shape computer science as we know it -- Grace Hopper and Margaret Hamilton -- by awarding them the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

President Obama: Self-driving cars have the potential to change lives

Setting expectations for safety prior to the release of rules for self-driving cars, President Obama wrote an op-ed on the potential for improved lives. He also stressed the need for rules that will evolve as technology advances.
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Chatting with President Obama is now as easy as using Facebook Messenger

On Wednesday, the White House announced a brand-new way to get in touch with the President of the United States. It's no surprise that this latest method is none other than a Facebook Messenger bot.

Obama has finally ditched his BlackBerry, but its replacement will surprise you

With just months left in office, President Obama has finally gotten around to ditching his once-beloved BlackBerry. However, the device he's replaced it with may surprise you.
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Obama wants your children’s opinions in the new Kids Science Advisors program

Over the course of his presidency, Barack Obama has made clear his dedication to STEM education. Now, the leader is proving just how much faith he has in the innovative minds of America's posterity by forming the Kids Science Advisors.

Obama asks Congress for $19 billion to overhaul U.S. ‘digital defences’

Government systems are woefully out of date, and the people using them aren't trained in digital security, which is why Obama wants to overhaul it all. But he needs $19 billion to do it.

President Obama pledges $4 billion in Computer Science for All program

President Obama, who as a candidate was known for his savvy social media use and his ever-present Blackberry, has now pledged $4 billion to fund computer science education in America's schools.
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New study shows Obama as the most 'liked' world leader on Facebook, and it's not close

Maybe it's his basketball playing. Maybe it's Obamacare. Maybe it's his whole-hearted embrace of social media. Whatever he's doing, President Barack Obama is officially the most "liked" leader on Facebook, and by a very, very wide…
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Self-driving cars get $4 Billion boost from President Obama | DT Daily

The president's initiative to build a 21st Century transportation system involves self-driving cars, and the White House is backing it with $4 BIllion. The plan also aims to develop rules for autonomous vehicles across the nation, leveling…
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New smart gun technology may help with gun safety in the US

Following President Obama's executive action announcement this past Tuesday, renewed attention is being paid to the notion of "smart guns," with newly developed technology taking center stage.
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Just how closely are we monitoring visa applicants' social media accounts?

During a press conference on Friday, President Obama asserted that officials do indeed look into the posts of those seeking American visas. But to what extent is this a valid assertion?
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Finders keepers is the new rule when it comes to asteroid mining

On Thursday, President Obama signed the U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act into law, which grants companies the rights to whatever they manage to pluck out of these extraterrestrial bodies.

The Justice Department won’t help the FCC fight against local broadband restrictions

The FCC is in the midst of legal action to tackle state restrictions on municipal broadband, but the Department of Justice has declined to take any stand in the cases.

CrowdStrike still detecting Chinese hacks, despite landmark U.S.-China deal

Even though the meeting between President Obama and President Xi of China seemed to go quite well, it hasn't stopped the commercial hacking of American interests by state-sponsored hackers.

White House: Broadband is now a ‘core utility’ for everyone

A new report this week from the White House says that broadband has "shifted from an optional amenity to a core utility" and makes several recommendations for improving access for people across the country.