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Lone Echo Arena Review

Meta’s unceremonious Echo VR shutdown is a missed Metaverse opportunity

Echo VR was once Meta's most promising virtual world. Its shutdown is a missed opportunity for its struggling Metaverse.
oculus debuts new vr headset rift s

The best Oculus Rift games

oculus quest review lifestyle 5

The best VR apps for 2022

How to build a cheap VR-ready PC

oculus quest hand tracking hands on review cameras vr 2

The best VR-ready laptops you can buy right now

msi oculus vr rift collaboration backpack pc on matt back2

Oculus Rift vs. HTC Vive

oculus rift vs vive pro availability

Oculus Quest vs. Oculus Rift

oculus link transforms quest better riff s with 2019

Has Oculus Link let the Quest completely replace the Rift S?

Oculus Go

The Oculus Go, our favorite budget VR headset, is now on sale for even cheaper

Stock Photo of Oculus Rift S

Oculus Rift S gets a release date, pre-orders are now available

HTC Vive Pro review

HTC Vive vs. Vive Pro

Oculus Rift CV1

Oculus and HTC Vive Black Friday deals at Amazon


Oculus VR could upgrade the Rift with a new display in 2019

Oculus may release a new version of its Oculus Rift headset in 2019, though it won't be a Rift 2. The new rumor calls the design the Rift S, and suggests it will have a better display and ditch the external constellation tracking cameras in favor of simpler and arguably less accurate, inside-out tracking.
oculus santa cruz hands on version 1538022694 quest 5

Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift 2: Everything you need to know

The once named Oculus Project Santa Cruz is now officially available as the Oculus Quest. It is designed to offer PC quality VR without the need for a PC, but is it a true Rift successor, or something more akin to the Oculus Go? Really, it's somewhere in between. Here's everything you need to know about the Oculus Quest.

The Oculus Quest’s competitor isn’t Rift or Vive. It’s the Nintendo Switch

Oculus may have been overly optimistic in its ‘quest’ for the perfect mobile VR headset. Despite claims that Oculus Quest may be able to deliver Rift-like experiences in a standalone wireless package, its less of a Rift replacement and more like the VR equivalent of Nintendo’s Switch.
htc launches vr focused viveport m storefront for android

HTC breaks down VR barriers by bringing Oculus Rift titles to Viveport

Oculus Rift gamers will soon be able to use the Viveport store and subscription to pick up new virtual reality titles, as HTC is opening the doors to evangelists of its staunchest competitor. This move may help it to compete more directly with Steam, which has offered cross-platform support since 2016.
virtual boy oculus rift fl6onydx

Nintendo Virtual Boy emulator lets you enjoy VR like it’s 1995 again

Compared with today's VR headsets, Nintendo’s ill-fated, red-tinted head-mounted Virtual Boy display now looks massively dated. However, thanks to modern Oculus Rift headsets, you can now relive it -- courtesy of an emulator that makes you believe it's 1995 all over again.
Mars Exploration Simulator Red Rover

Tear it up on Mars in ‘Red Rover,’ the driving sim built on NASA data

During the festive holiday season in 2016, Alan Chan spent his week’s vacation time off work exploring Mars. In virtual reality, at least. And thanks to his hard work, now you can too. Here's how one intrepid developer turned space images into our most immersive look at the Red Planet yet.
oculus rift vs vive pro header

Stand up or sit down? Many don’t take advantage of VR’s room-scale experience

Oculus' VP of Content Jason Rubin claims that a "significant percentage" of Oculus Rift headset owners would rather sit down to enjoy virtual reality rather than take advantage of room-scale motion detection. He made this revelation to Insomniac founder and CEO Ted Price at E3 2018 last week.

Insomniac to unveil an open-world Oculus Rift game on June 7

It turns out Insomniac has been working on more than just Spider-Man these past few years. On June 7, the acclaimed independent studio will reveal its next VR game for Oculus Rift. This marks Insomniac's fourth game with Oculus, and judging by the hints, the upcoming game will be the most ambitious yet.
pimax 8k vr headset 2

First preproduction units of the Pimax ‘8K’ VR headset to ship to testers in May

The Pimax team updated its Kickstarter post, reporting that preproduction models of its 8K VR headset will ship this month to 10 participants in the closed beta. If approved, the upcoming headset will go into production and begin shipping to Kickstarter backers in June along with the 5K model.
Oculus Half Dome

Oculus’ new prototype VR headset has something the HTC Vive Pro doesn’t

The Oculus VR "Half-Dome" headset that was revealed during the F8 developer conference gave us a glimpse at a potential feature of future VR headsets: mechanically-operated varifocal lenses and a much wider field of view. That's something that even HTC's newly expensive Vive Pro doesn't have.
Oculus Go

Facebook F8 attendees will reportedly receive the Oculus Go

An image posted on social media suggests that all Facebook F8 attendees will receive Oculus Go headsets on May 2. If true, it's likely Facebook will reveal an imminent release date for the headset. Amazon recently started taking and sold through pre-orders and retailers seem to already have it in store.
Oculus Go

$200 Oculus Go VR headset hits Amazon

The Oculus Go mobile virtual reality headset was briefly available to pre-order on Amazon for $200, but sold out within just hours of its debut. Its price tag puts it squarely in the midrange between the likes of the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift, though is only a little cheaper than the PSVR. Shipment date is TBD.
campfire creepers

VR horror series ‘Campfire Creepers’ showcased at Tribeca Film Festival

Stories told around the campfire are a horror movie staple, and veteran director Alexandre Aja has brought the genre into virtual reality with a new anthology series. With the premiere of the first episode at the Tribeca Film Festival, the first two episodes are free to watch on Oculus and Gear VR.
oculus rift vs vive pro htc 2018 review feat

Oculus Rift vs. Vive Pro

Oculus Rift vs. Vive Pro -- can the aging Oculus VR headset compete with HTC's new, high-end successor to our favorite VR headset? While its price might be far more affordable, the question remains of whether its features can stand up to a new-generation of heaset come with new tracking support and fancier displays.
Oculus Rift Crystal Cove hands on

Chrome’s desktop browser now supports web-based VR on the Oculus Rift

The latest stable version of Google's Chrome browser for desktop now supports the Oculus Rift headset via WebVR. The browser will automatically detect the headset, determine its capabilities, and render web-based virtual reality experiences at a compatible framerate. Firefox supports the Rift too.
HTC Vive Pro review

Researchers claim hackers can create havoc in the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive

A recent paper published by researchers from the University of New Haven in Connecticut shows that a vulnerability in OpenGL enables the team to alter the playing space and virtual environment on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets. It's just a proof-of-concept but possible nonetheless.
htc vive vs pro headphones

The Vive Pro proves that HTC and Oculus need each other for VR to succeed

The VR landscape has changed with the release of the Vive Pro. It's proof that Oculus and HTC need each other -- that is, if VR is to survive and thrive.
HTC Vive Pro

SteamVR will fine-tune VR to match the graphics chip, not the headset

The latest beta of SteamVR now includes a component that will fine-tune VR experiences to match the performance of your PC's graphics chip.

Oculus Rift re-enters virtual space after bad software caused a global blackout

Oculus VR issued a software update early Thursday morning for the Oculus Rift, bringing the VR headset back online across the globe.
Oculus Rift CV1

Oculus Rift is now more popular than HTC Vive among Steam users

The latest Steam hardware survey showed that the Oculus Rift has surpassed the HTC Vive for the first time.
Sprint Vector review

Sprint Vector review

Spring Vector features heart pounding VR gameplay and immersive motion controls, but trips itself up from trying to do too much.
Yaw VR

Yaw VR turns virtual driver’s seat into immersive experience

Yaw VR is a small spherical motion seat designed to enhance simulator and gaming experiences. And it'll only set you back about 1000 bucks.