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MicroLED vs. OLED: Two hot TV technologies battle for your dollars

Samsung claims its new MicroLED TV tech offers all the benefits of OLED without the drawbacks. Join Digital Trends to take a close look to see if MicroLED TV lives up to the hype, and where it could go in the future.
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Hands on with LG 88-inch 8K OLED and more crazy TVs from CES 2018

You know we'll see some gigantic screens, but what else can we expect to see in terms of innovations in TV at CES 2018? We've got our predictions all laid out here, and, yes, 8K is coming.
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Panasonic doubles down on OLED TVs, also unveils two UHD Blu-ray players

Panasonic is back in the TV game in a big way, announcing two new OLED TVs, the FZ950 OLED series and the FZ800 series, some models of which will offer HDR10+ support. It also unveiled two new 4K UHD Blu-ray players.
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LG OLED vs. Sony OLED: The two best TVs you can buy face off

It's the LG E7 OLED vs. Sony A1E OLED in the ultimate TV battle for 2017. We the best two TVs you can buy right now against each other and, surprisingly, picture quality had nothing to do with calling the winner.
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3D TV is officially dead, but a band of fanatics won’t let go

Manufacturers seem to be finally phasing out 3D after years of letting it struggle for any kind of relevance. Fans of the technology are protesting the decision, but it might be time to let it go.
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California DMV pulls the plug on Uber’s self-driving cars – for now

Also today: Google's Waymo looks to team up with a major automaker, we go behind the scenes to see what makes South Korean electronics giant LG tick.
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Philips’ entry into OLED, the 901F TV, is super colorful — in more ways than one

For a while, LG has been the only company to offer OLED TVs, but now it's getting some competition from Philips, which has unveiled its first OLED TV set, the 901F. It features 4K, HDR, and Ambilight ambient lighting.
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The experts agree: LG’s flagship 4K OLED TV is the best in the world

The annual Value Electronics TV shootout has come and gone, and LG's 4K Ultra HD OLED came out on top. Vying for second place was Samsung's JS9500 SUHD TV and Sony's X940C. This year's event was held in a much larger venue, with higher…
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LG officially prices 4K/UHD OLED TVs for 2014

After some speculation on pricing based on leaked information, LG officially prices its 65- and 77-inch 4K OLED TVs at CEDIA 2014
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Samsung’s massive bending 4K TV hugs your face by flexing from flat to curved

Featured prominently at the front of the TV display area within the CityCube in Berlin is Samsung's monstrous 105-inch 4K cinemawide Ultra HD TV that flexes from flat to curved on demand.
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Are LG and Samsung giving up on OLED TV?

After all the pomp and circumstance surrounding OLED TV, could it be that the two Korean titans are ready to shelve the technology in favor of 4K/Ultra HD TVs?
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LG’s 2012 TV lineup includes 55-inch OLED, Google TV, gesture control

At the opening of CES 2012, LG has unveiled its 55-inch OLED TV, highlighted Smart TV advancements and glossed over a Google TV partnership and its 84-inch 4K TV.
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Is OLED Already Dead?

We’ve heard about the future of OLED TVs for years now, but some question whether it’s headed for failure. We find out where this promising but problematic tech is really headed.
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OLED Prices to be Lower than LCD in 2016

OLEDs are predicted to have lower price points in 2016, while OLED HDTVs at 40-inches and larger will be market available in 2012.
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World’s Thinnest Televisions

We stop to look at some landmark displays in the battle to compress TVs ever thinner.
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Samsung Shows Flat TVs & Four-Door Fridge!

Samsung hosted its annual Global Road Show, showing off huge flat-screen TVs and a new portable media player - plus a five-ways-to-heat oven and a four-door fridge!