Operating Systems

Apple plans to bring iOS apps to MacOS later this year

It looks like Mac users might see some cross-compatible iOS apps show up in the Mac App Store as early as this year. There is no word on how exactly it would work, but we do have a few clues as to how it could.

Microsoft’s Mixed Reality: the first version of Windows you can live in

The first Windows Mixed Reality headsets arrive in two weeks. In a sneak preview, we had a chance to gun down aliens, explore ancient ruins, and chill in an extravagant Cliff House. Here’s what you’re in for.

Windows Vista officially reaches the end of life support

Microsoft is officially ending Windows Vista extended support as of today, following fully five years after the OS hit its end-of-maintenance support date of April 10, 2012, and roughly 10 years since Microsoft first released Windows Vista.

Windows 10’s minimum requirements present an olive branch to outdated PCs

In line with dropping the details of the Windows 10 official launch date on July 29th, Microsoft also released the minimum system requirements you'll need to get the new OS up and running on your machine.

Microsoft Developer Evangelist claims Windows 10 will be the last version of the OS

Comments from Microsoft Developer Evangelist Jerry Nixon suggest that the Microsoft will take a different stance on updates following the release of Windows 10.

Windows 7 takes top spot in OS battle, easily defeating Windows 8.1

For over a year now, Windows 7 has enjoyed the top spot among all competing operating systems. No other OS has come close to contesting its nearly 60 percent share of the market.

Android for virtual reality is on the way, says report

Are Google engineers building a special version of Android to work on VR headsets like the Oculus Rift? If a story in the Wall Street Journal is to be believed, yes it is. Find out what we know so far.

Has Microsoft ‘fixed’ Windows 8? Our final verdict on Windows 8.1

Microsoft didn't drag its feet with the development of Windows 8.1 and has released the new OS less than a year after Windows 8. But has this unusual speed allowed time to resolve Windows' most pressing issues, or is 8.1 just a minor patch…

If you thought Windows 8 was bad, here are 6 operating systems that failed miserably

The reception of Microsoft's latest operating system has been less than stellar. But if you thought Windows 8 was bad, here are some of the biggest OS blunders that you may remember, dating back all the way to the beginning of the GUI.

Don’t want to wait for Windows 8.1? Here’s how to install Preview today

Let's face it; Windows 8 has its issues. Luckily, Windows 8.1 fixes a lot of these problems. Don't want to wait until Windows 8.1 is released this fall? Here's how to download and install Microsoft's Windows 8.1 Preview today.

Way to rate, Windows 8! Microsoft’s new OS finally passes Vista in market share

After the excitement of its Build conference last week, Microsoft's starting this week off on a high note. A new analyst report says that Windows 8 finally surpassed Vista in market share.

Is Ubuntu really the promised land for Windows 8 refugees?

Ubuntu is now nine years old. Over the years, it turned Linux from an arcane, difficult OS into software most users can understand within hours. Do users angry about Windows 8 finally have a real alternative, or does Microsoft still hold…

Ubuntu OS coming to smartphones in October

Open source operating system Ubuntu is set to make its smartphone debut later this year, focusing mostly on business workers as its potential primary customer base. Breaking into a world dominated by Blackberry users will be one of its…

Should you upgrade to Windows 8?

Windows 8 may be the latest and greatest from Microsoft, but the new OS holds both promise and pitfalls for new users. Check out our complete guide to see whether you should upgrade or stay put.

Ubuntu moves beyond the desktop with new TV interface, menu-killing navigation system

The open source operating system continues to refine itself for next-generation products while still retaining its PC appeal.

Tizen OS gains support from Acer, Asus, and maybe HTC

Tizen, the OS that is replacing MeeGo, is gaining a lot of support. Reports indicate that Acer, Asus, and possibly HTC may join the party soon.

MeeGo killed in favor of Tizen, a new OS backed by Samsung and Intel

With no Nokia to back it, Intel has killed MeeGo. It will ressurect it as 'Tizen,' a new smartphone OS platform it's making with Samsung.

Windows 8 first impressions: What happened to ‘no compromises’?

After hours fiddling with the developer preview of Windows 8, we've reached some conclusions. While there's a lot to love, Microsoft still has some work ahead of it to scrub out the past and make the Windows 8 the reinvention it needs to…