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Phiaton’s active lifestyle headphones do noise canceling on a budget

Looking for a set of active noise-canceling earbuds that can keep up with your active lifestyle, without breaking the bank? Phiaton's new Curve BT 120 NC could be just the ticket.

Phiaton’s BT 150 NC Bluetooth headphones might just be your new travel buddy

Phiaton's BT 150 NC, its newest Bluetooth headphones, are built specifically with business travelers in mind. The BT 150 NC sport 12mm drivers in each ear, and support wireless connectivity with Bluetooth 4.2.
Phiaton's BT 150 NC

Phiaton unleashes two new headphone models, including wireless ‘phones with ANC

Phiaton unveils two new stylish new headphone models to add to its lineup, the wired Fusion MS 430, and the wireless Chord MS 530. The headphones will cost $180, and $350 respectively, and both models will be available and will be available for purchase in October.