photo booth

This photo booth lets you use a selfie for a corporate headshot

Photo booths just got an upgrade -- the Iris photo booth is designed to take selfies that are good enough for corporate headshots, no photographer required. One session with a single download costs $20.
Emerging Tech

Startup wants to bring 3D-scanning photo booths to malls around the world

Next-gen photo booths will offer customers the chance to have themselves 3D-scanned to create ultra-lifelike, VR-ready avatars. Or so one startup named Wolfprint 3D hopes, at least.

From start to finish, DT’s definitive guide to creating and uploading YouTube videos

Perhaps you thought YouTube was going to be a short-live fad or virtual ship passing in the night. Either way, we're not judging you for deciding to jump on the video-making bandwagon more than eight years after the site's debut. Check out…
Emerging Tech

Inside Out Project takes your selfies and plasters them in the middle of Times Square

Can selfies be considered art? That seems to be the idea behind the Inside Out Project's latest venture. In its New York City stop, the team has placed a photo booth truck to snap portraits and paste them onto the grounds of Times Square.

Selfies made simple with Kickstarter project the IMAGOphotour

German artist Susanna Kraus wants your help on Kickstarter. In return, you get a cool, specially printed life-size self-portrait in black and white.