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The Game of Thrones season premiere was pirated 54 million times in 24 hours

Winter is here, and so are the pirates. The debut episode of Game of Thrones' final season was pirated 54 million times in the 24 hours after it aired, almost tripling the show's official viewership totals.

Nintendo sues two websites for distributing ROMs of its games

Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against two separate websites over their distributing of ROMs of Nintendo games. One site has already been taken offline as a result, while the other removed Nintendo games from its library.

Piracy causes Google to yank Kodi from its autocomplete list in search results

Google removed the Kodi term from its autocomplete list of search suggestions. The list now points to Kodiak-related search results. Google claims Kodi's link to piracy is the reason for the removal.

Big Boi of Outkast talks about holding ‘Jedi rap status’ in the streaming era

Big Boi of Outkast spoke with Digital Trends about his new album Boomiverse, his reaction when he first came across Napster, which 1980s pop star he still wishes he could make a song with, and achieving Jedi rap status.

Why waste hard drive space? Study shows streaming made up 75 percent of piracy in 2015

As much as torrents are associated with piracy, even pirates are increasingly turning toward streaming, with nearly 75 percent of all piracy in 2015 coming via illegal streaming sites.

The Pirate Bay pulls in a whopping $9 a day in bitcoin donations

Bitcoin donations never quite caught on as much as the copyright lobbyists thought they would, with even giant sites like The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents pulling just a few dollars a day between them.

Sci-Hub offers Pirate Bay-like simplicity to researchers around the world

Millions of scientists and researchers around the world download scientific papers illegally, for free, every month from Sci-Hub. It gives them access to everything, which might otherwise leave them in the hole for thousands of dollars.

This company is looking to hijack pirates' browsers until they pay a fine

Anti-piracy outfit Rightscorp wants to hit pirates where it hurts: their wallets. The group wants to hijack offenders' browsers and block their Internet access until they pay a fine.

Captain Phillips will hate this: Pirates hacked cargo ships to plan precision raids

A shipping firm targeted by pirates noticed how the seaborne criminals suddenly started operating with far great efficiency, targeting specific ships and even particular containers during raids. What was going on?

Microsoft goes after Comcast customer suspected of pirating thousands of Windows copies

Microsoft has gone to a federal court to subpoena a Comcast customer who allegedly pirated its software, including Windows 7 and 8, through stolen activation keys.
Emerging Tech

Setting knowledge free: Sci-Hub is The Pirate Bay for research papers

A Kazakhstani scientist has become the enemy of the commercial research journal industry because she thinks no one should pay to read scientific research.

Spotify does actually reduce piracy, claims the European Commission

According to a new study conducted by the European Commission, the availability of free music made possible by services like Spotify has indeed curtailed piracy in recent years, but it's not helping the music industry make money.

Most popular Popcorn Time fork goes offline, wants to become a legal service

Popcorn Time's most popular fork has gone offline, shutting down its Web page accounts and shutting down the torrenting app. It follows internal turmoil as several developers left the open source platform.

Even physical copies of Fallout 4 for PC will require Steam installation

If you're one of those who wants to sidestep DRM as a means of sticking it to the man, Fallout 4 on PC apparently won't lend that opportunity, as even physical copies will require a Steam installation and launch day patch.
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UK Cinema staff will go full 007 to combat piracy during Bond release

Cinema staff in the UK will wear full military-grade night vision goggles, employ beefed up security measures, in order to combat the internet piracy of the latest James Bond film.
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Jurassic World didn’t break every record: Mad Max: Fury Road is the most pirated film of 2015

This summer had the second highest-grossing summer box office ever, but movie piracy was still up over 2014. “Mad Max: Fury Road,” which made $374 million at the box office worldwide, was the most pirated film with 22.9 million shares…

Popcorn Time says Hollywood is far too greedy

Internet users are turning to illegal means for their movie and television fixes because the authorized alternatives are hampered by restrictions and high prices, say some of the Popcorn Time team.
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Netflix’s high-definition DRM cracked for the first time

It's reported that torrenters now have access to a 4K Breaking Bad episode, coming in at close to 18GB, after pirates were able to overcome the latest Netflix copy protection technology.