Did AMD just tease a dual-GPU graphics card?

Hopefully this is just some clever PR campaign designed as a teaser for AMD's rumored dual-GPU graphics card. Check out what we got in the mail today.
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How the horrible Vegan Sellout List stunt tricked the Internet

You may have heard about the Vegan Sellout List, a site shaming ex-vegans. Horrible, right? The site creators think so, too. Turns out the list was little more than a stunt to redirect your eyeballs to something else.

State of the Web: Hacking the tech PR industry

The relationship between consumer technology journalists and the companies they cover is broken – but software companies like Google and Facebook could show us a thing or two about how to fix it.

Microsoft rewards Halo 4 devotion with free ‘money’

Halo 4 has been released, but that won't stop Microsoft's PR efforts. The company wants you playing Halo 4, and it's willing to pay to ensure that happens.

Microsoft enlists the Principality Of Liechtenstein to promote Halo 4

In an effort to promote the imminent release of Halo 4, Microsoft has transformed large swaths of the Principality Of Liechtenstein into setting straight out of the company's most iconic franchise.

PR firm Reverb apologizes for kitten-based guilt trip

A poorly-worded press release landed PR firm Reverb in hot water with gamers, and now the company wants to apologize.