Worried about your online privacy? We tested the best VPN services

Browsing the web can be less secure than most users would hope. If that concerns you, a virtual private network -- aka a VPN -- is a decent solution. Check out a few of the best VPN services on the market, so you can encrypt data on any…

Cambridge Analytica’s ex-director wants to fix data privacy. Can we trust her?

Brittany Kaiser was working for Cambridge Analytica just months ago. After testifying before the UK Parliament about her involvement in the campaign behind Brexit, she’s hopping the fence to make the opposite point.

Logging in with Facebook may let Javascript trackers steal personal data

Facebook's handling of personal data is under the spotlight again with a new report suggesting that sites leveraging Facebook's API for verification purposes could be allowing the harvesting of data through Javascript trackers.

Localblox data breach is the latest nightmare for Facebook, LinkedIn

After the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, there's now Localblox, a company that scrapes personal information from social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook. Unfortunately, that data was compromised.

Virtually all banking web apps are vulnerable to hackers, study finds

Banking and finance web applications, which many people use on a daily basis for managing some of their most sensitive personal information, are among the most vulnerable to attack.

The best keyboards for Android will have you texting faster than a 13-year-old

We did the research to find the best keyboards for Android that work efficiently, look good, and have a history of user security. Here are our favorites, so you can feel confident trusting them with all of your typing.

Privacy wonks won't shut up about 'GDPR,' and it's worth learning why

When the General Data Protection Regulation comes into play in May 2018, it will have a sweeping effect on how personal data is handled online. Though it's an EU law, it has some major implications for online companies like Facebook.

Here’s how to check if Facebook shared your data with Cambridge Analytica

In keeping with earlier promises, Facebook has rolled out a tool that will show you whether or not your data was in the hands of Cambridge Analytica or any other company that has since been banned from the platform.

Steam privacy changes make purchase-tracking service Steam Spy useless

Changes to privacy settings for Steam users have automatically hidden their game libraries from the public by default, effectively putting an end to the purchase-tracking service Steam Spy.

Facebook will offer you $40,000 to find the next Cambridge Analytica

Just in time for the upcoming mid-term elections this year, Facebook's new Data Abuse Bounty could help the network identify election meddling and protect your privacy. The best part? You could be $40,000 richer just by reporting malicious…

Verizon agrees, ransomware is the most popular form of malware

Ransomware has emerged as one of the most common forms of malware among organizations. The reason: Cybercriminals are mostly influenced by a desire to make money and ransomware is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to attack.

Facing Facebook: Congress should take action to protect our privacy

Ahead of Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress, Charter CEO Tom Rutledge penned a policy piece arguing that Congress should regulate how companies like Facebook care for our information. And he's completely right.