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You can help a cyborg drummer get a new, improved robot arm so he can tour

Thanks to researchers at Georgia Tech, amputee Jason Barnes received a robot arm that lets him play the drums again. Now he's hoping to get a new, improved prosthesis to go on tour with.
Emerging Tech

High-tech neuroprosthetic ‘Luke’ arm lets amputee touch and feel again

Researchers at the University of Utah have attached a robotic arm and hand that respond directly to nerve impulses. Called the "Luke" arm, it's a revolutionary advancement in neuroprosthetic devices.
Emerging Tech

Innovative prosthetic leg propels wearers through water as if it were their real limb

A new project funded by Northwell Health created the first fully functional swimming leg. Unlike other prosthetics, this leg actually propels wearers through water as if it were their original leg.
Emerging Tech

Student develops cheap, functional prosthetic for senior thesis project

The prosthetic is relatively simple in design -- using craft supplies like screws, rubber bands, and nylon chords -- but it’s functional and allows users to hold a cup, write with a marker, and catch a ball just by moving their wrist.
Emerging Tech

BotScan simultaneously uses 70 DLSR cameras to create insanely detailed 3D scans

To convert the scan to data, Botspot uses a process called photogrammetry and plays a kind of 3D connect-the-dots, reconstructing an object by connecting the points its cameras captured at different angles.
Emerging Tech

After 10 years of development, Dean Kamen's futuristic prosthetic arm is now available for pre-order

From moving by leaning to artificial limbs that extend an amputee's bodily functions, the segway inventor's prosthetic arm is coming this year. You can even do things like scratching your back, imagine how you'd miss it.
Emerging Tech

This prosthetic voice box helps throat cancer patients regain speech, and it costs less than $1

Dr. Vishal Rao invented a prosthetic voice box helps throat cancer patients regain speech. In India, many cancer patients can't afford the expensive devices imported from other countries. Rao's AUM prosthetic costs less than $1, and takes…
Emerging Tech

These kids 3D printed their own unique prosthetics, including a sparkle cannon

During an event in San Francisco this last January, Autodesk and KIDmob teamed up to give kids with upper-limb differences a chance to 3D-print their own unique prosthetics at an event called Superhero Cyborgs 2.0.
Emerging Tech

Mind-controlled robotic arm lets users wiggle individual fingers with just a thought

Engineers at Johns Hopkins have developed a new prototype of a mind-controlled prosthetic arm that can wiggle individual fingers with just a thought, thanks to brain mapping and programming technology that gives the person complete control.
Emerging Tech

Artificial skin could one day provide a sense of touch

Stanford chemical engineers have published new work in journal Science that describe a sort of thin artificial skin that not only covers and protects prosthetic limbs, but may also return a sense of touch to patients.
Emerging Tech

Surgeons successfully perform a double hand transplant on an 8-year-old boy

Surgeons at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia successfully performed a double hand transplant on the youngest person ever, an 8-year-old boy named Zion.
Movies & TV

Watch Robert Downey Jr. give a young fan a 3D-printed Iron Man bionic arm

Robert Downey Jr. presents young Alex, who was born with a partially-developed right arm, a real 3D-printed bionic arm from Albert Manero's Limbitless Solutions.