QR codes

How to scan a QR code

Have you seen new square QR codes start to resurface? As the codes come back with new uses, it's a good idea to make sure that your phone knows how to scan them. Here's how to scan a QR code with both iPhones and Android phones.

A QR code may change the way we donate money to the homeless

An entrepreneur has developed Greater Change, an app that uses a QR code to make donating money much easier, and more transparent, in a world where carrying cash is becoming less common.

This giant QR code needs regular pruning to keep it scannable

Comprising 130,000 juniper trees, this working QR code in China has been designed in the hope that plane passengers will scan it from up high to learn about the tourist attractions of the city in which it's located.
Social Media

Twitter takes a page out of Snapchat’s playbook with the launch of profile QR codes

Well, whaddya know. Keen to try everything it can to boost its stagnating user base, Twitter has taken a page out of Snapchat's playbook and launched QR codes for profiles.

Google Now on Tap gains text translation, bar code scanning features

Google's Now on Tap has gained a few new features with its latest update. The machine learning-powered search app can now translate text, scan bar codes and QR codes, and send you down an internet wormhole with its new Discover section.

Ketchup calamity: Heinz apologizes for QR code linked to porn site

A German man recently scanned a QR code on a Heinz ketchup bottle expecting to be taken to a website offering details about a company promotion. However, to his surprise, the QR code was linked to a porn site. Heinz has apologized.
Emerging Tech

Beer brand lets you send digital ‘message in a bottle’

Argentine beer brand Andes has rolled out a few bizarre marketing campaigns over the years. Its latest stunt is equally offbeat, giving drinkers the chance to send video messages to friends via QR codes printed on bottle labels.

These QR codes tell rescuers how to safely pluck you from your wrecked Mercedes

Mercedes is using QR codes to provide critical vehicle safety information to rescuers to help them rescue you if the worst should happen. This information is particularly important on modern cars whose systems are incredibly complicated.

Australia Post introduces ‘Video Stamps’ (with the help of the humble QR code)

Australia Post is thought to be the first postal service in the world to offer Video Stamps to its customers. The special stamps, which work using QR codes, allow a sender to include a 15-second message with their package or letter.

QR codes to the rescue! Mercedes-Benz to stick codes on cars to help save crash victims

Mercedes-Benz vehicles will soon be fitted with QR codes which link to rescue sheets that provide firefighters and paramedics with important information about the car's layout, enabling them to reach trapped car crash victims quickly and…

Chevy turns Volt into a commercial on wheels with bite-sized QR code sticker

Hoping to educate curious consumers, Chevrolet has turned to sending new Volt owners QR code stickers to place on their gas-sipping, electron drinking, plug-in hybrids.

QR codes for tourism? Wikipedia-linked codes to guide tourists in Gibraltar

We see QR codes everywhere, though research suggests they're rarely scanned. Tourism officials in the British outpost of Gibraltar are hoping that won't be the case when it launches 'Gibraltarpedia', an initiative that will equip the…

Canadian family creates world’s largest QR code in cornfield maze

Definitely a fun, entertaining way to market a business, a family in Canadian used a high-tech concept to advertise a rural corn maze.
Emerging Tech

Graveyard tech: QR codes to bring cemeteries alive

Now here's an interesting idea: QR codes in cemeteries linked to a webpage telling the life story of the deceased.

Why an Amazon smartphone makes sense

Amazon may be prepping a smartphone. Is the company just looking to extend its Kindle empire to another device...or to expand its mammoth e-retailing business?

Samsung TecTiles aim to reinvent the QR code, make NFC relevant

Making more use out of Near Field Communication technology, select Samsung Android phones will now be able to scan 'TecTiles' shortcut chips with just a tap over the squares.

Google experiments with site logins using your phone and a QR code

A now-ended Google experiment, dubbed "Sesame", indicates the company is exploring new and more secure ways to access your account from computers that aren't your own.

Study: Nearly 80 percent of college students can’t figure out QR codes

While QR codes have been quickly adopted by companies and PR firms seeking to inform consumers about products, the most recent generation of college students appear to find using QR codes befuddling.