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Android Army

Why an Amazon smartphone makes sense

Amazon may be prepping a smartphone. Is the company just looking to extend its Kindle empire to another device...or to expand its mammoth e-retailing business?

Samsung TecTiles aim to reinvent the QR code, make NFC relevant

Making more use out of Near Field Communication technology, select Samsung Android phones will now be able to scan 'TecTiles' shortcut chips with just a tap over the squares.

Google experiments with site logins using your phone and a QR code

A now-ended Google experiment, dubbed "Sesame", indicates the company is exploring new and more secure ways to access your account from computers that aren't your own.

Study: Nearly 80 percent of college students can’t figure out QR codes

While QR codes have been quickly adopted by companies and PR firms seeking to inform consumers about products, the most recent generation of college students appear to find using QR codes befuddling.
Emerging Tech

QR codes are being used to locate lost pets and luggage

With the QR code rapidly catching on as a fast method of conveying information about any topic, the ability to keep track of lost animals is another practical application of the technology that's gaining popularity.

QR usage on the rise, 14 million Americans scanned QR codes in June

According to a new study release today by comScore, more Americans are adopting the practice of scanning QR codes in retail businesses or within magazines. Over 14 million Americans scanned a QR code with a smartphone in the month of June…
Emerging Tech

South Korean supermarket chain opens virtual grocery stores in subways

Home Plus (known as Tesco elsewhere) has installed virtual stores in South Korean subway stations, allowing commuters to scan QR codes to buy groceries on the go.