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‘Quantum Break’ studio Remedy to release its secretive ‘P7’ in 2019

Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment is on track to release the third-person game code-named "P7" in 2019. The game is being published by 505 Games and features the Northlight engine.

Remedy Entertainment will bring its unique brand of action to PlayStation 4

Remedy Entertainment, the studio responsible for games like Alan Wake and Quantum Break, will bring its new project to PlayStation 4. The last game the studio developed for a PlayStation system was Max Payne 2 in 2003.
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Lord of the Rings’ Dominic Monaghan Explains New Sci-Fi film ‘Atomica’

Dominic Monaghan, the actor who starred in seminal genre projects like Lost and Lord of the Rings talks about his new sci-fi flick, Atomica, and how digital platforms have expanded his horizons in this exclusive interview.

'Quantum Break' will not see new patches or fixes on Windows 10

Remedy Entertainment's time-bending third-person shooter Quantum Break is due for a Steam release, but fans who picked up the game at launch may be left out in the cold, as it appears that Remedy is dropping support for previously issued PC…

‘Quantum Break’ heads to Steam next month as special bundle lands at retailers

The popular game "Quantum Break" is landing on Steam next month the same day a special "Timeless Collector's Edition" bundle hits retail. Both versions will have all the updates released thus far, just like the Windows Store version.

Remedy shuts down ‘Alan Wake 2’ rumors, confirms two new games in the works

Remedy Entertainment has two as-yet-unannounced games in development. Contrary to rumors kindled earlier this year, neither of them will be a sequel to the studio's Twin Peaks-inspired cult hit, Alan Wake.

Quantum Break issues persist on PC, and some of them are here to stay

With talk of inconsistent frame rates, sub-native 1080p resolutions, and severe graphics card disparities, the Windows 10-exclusive PC port of Quantum Break seems to have been a little rushed.

Microsoft stores are hosting Quantum Break launch parties with a chance to meet the game’s star

Quantum Break is one of the most important games for the Xbox One, and Microsoft stores across North American will be hosting launch parties. But for a game this big, the events sound surprisingly tame.

Quantum Break will require an Internet connection thanks to streaming TV episodes

The variable live-action TV-style episodes that cap off each chapter of Microsoft-exclusive game Quantum Break will be delivered via online streaming, rather than playing from downloaded files.

"Alan Wake's Return" trademark may hint at long-awaited sequel

Quantum Break developer Remedy filed to trademark the name "Alan Wake's Return" Tuesday, suggesting the developer may have resumed production on a new entry in the franchise.

Buy a game on Xbox, get a copy for Windows – if Microsoft’s cross-buy works out

After announcing that pre-orders for the Xbox One version of Quantum Break will offer customers access to the game on a Windows 10 PC, Microsoft has plans to expand its cross-buy program going forward.

Quantum Break is coming to PC the same day as Xbox One

Quantum Break, originally announced as an Xbox One exclusive, will be releasing on PC in April, the same day as the console version. This comes soon after Rise of the Tomb Raider made the move to PC, as well.