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TuneIn creates a premium radio service for sports-minded Alexa users

Amazon Echo owners will be able to ask Alexa to stream play-by-play broadcasts of MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL games in addition to breaking news content and radio talk shows with TuneIn. Those interested can enjoy a seven-day free trial.

Is tech finally killing radio? Don’t let iHeart’s bleeding fool you

With two of the largest radio conglomerates filing chapter 11 bankruptcy in the past five months, it might seem as though the format is struggling for survival. The real story of radio is much more interesting.

From true crime to comedy, these are the best podcasts around

Don’t drown in the vast, virtual sea of free podcasts. Check out our roundup of some of the best podcasts available, whether you're into up-and-coming music and comedy, or serialized storytelling.

Tune in and chill out with the best radio apps for Android and iOS

Streaming music services let you pick and choose your songs like a buffet, but there's something alluring about a curated banquet. Here are the best radio apps, whether you want great music or talk radio.
Emerging Tech

This amazing 3D-printed radio works, despite having no battery or outlet plug

What if we were to tell you that it’s possible to make your very own working 3D-printed radio -- without any soldering, electronics experience, outlet plug, or even batteries? Here's how.
Home Theater

Rewind time (and that 8-track) with a walk through 100 years of recorded audio

Remember when stereos were also bars? Remember jamming out to Michael Jackson on Cassette? This history of home audio systems will remind you of how far home listening has come — and make you feel old!
Emerging Tech

Norway becomes first country to end support for FM radio in national broadcasts

In a move that has been met with more than a bit of hesitation, Norway has officially ceased the use of FM radio for all national broadcasts. Most local outlets, however, will continue to use FM.

LG will enable the FM radio chip on its future smartphones

You might not be aware, but your phone has an FM radio chip built right in -- though most of the time its not enabled. LG is changing that and it partnered with NextRadio to enable those chips, allowing customers to listen to the radio.
Emerging Tech

MIT’s new radio tech can monitor your sleep quality from afar

Do you struggle to sleep? Researchers from MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital have built a device which uses radio waves to track exactly how well you are sleeping. Here is how it works.

This wonderful interactive map lets you explore radio stations around the world

There are plenty of available radio apps that let you search stations by country, but the Radio Garden interactive map for mobile and desktop makes it a whole lot more fun.
Emerging Tech

The U.S. Air Force wants to detonate plasma bombs in the sky

Radio communication is a weak point for most military operations -- it is never long enough or strong enough. The Air Force's solution to improve their long-distance calls? Supercharge the atmosphere by detonating plasma bombs.

Remember radio? Pirates sure do

It's easy and inexpensive to start a pirate radio station. Licensed broadcasters and lawmakers are concerned. FCC enforcement is hampered by budgets. Threats to emergency broadcast alerts and content unregulated by consumer protection laws…