Raspberry Pi

Take a bite of the new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ on Pi Day

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has taken advantage of Pi Day to release its latest single-board computer, the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, with faster performance and wireless connectivity.
Emerging Tech

Raspad is a portable Raspberry Pi tablet for bringing creative projects to life

RasPad is a Raspberry Pi tablet that offers you all the ports you need, plus a simple tablet interface and graphical interface to let you start easily programming projects from anywhere.

Vivaldi now supports Linux on ARM chips, including Raspberry Pi 3

Vivaldi said on December 5 that it now offers a version of its web browser that runs on Linux devices using ARM-based processors. That includes Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi Zero, and the Asus Tinker board.

Google’s new kit uses Raspberry Pi to bring image recognition to your project

This week, Google introduced a new kit for your project based on the Raspberry Pi Zero W board. It enables cloud-free image recognition, and complements Google's other kit adding voice recognition to DIY projects.

Your DIY project needs a computer. Should you choose Raspberry Pi or Arduino?

Arduino vs. Raspberry Pi: what's the difference? We break down both sides of the DIY story, and provide a few examples of each so you'll know what to use for your next gadget-building project.

Meet the Brits who promised the world a $25 PC, and delivered a revolution

Five years ago, the Raspberry Pi was little more than an idea. Now, 12.5 million units later, it’s made an undeniable mark on computers, and how we use them. We asked Eben Upton, its founder, how it happened.

What is Linux? It’s a free operating system you may already use without knowing

What is Linux? That's the question we're answering for PC owners wanting to break away from Windows or MacOS. We take a look at the beginnings, the various distributions, and the pros and cons of using a Linux-based platform.

This guy created a Polaroid camera that spits out moving GIFs

What if you could hold a moving Polaroid in your hand? The 3D-printed InstaGif NextStep creates moving photos you can hold in your hand. Abhishek Singh created the camera using a 3D printer, Raspberry Pi and homemade circuits.
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FlyPi is a low-cost 3D-printed microscope and 'neurogenetics lab'

FlyPi is a low-cost 3D printed microscope and “behavioral arena” that allows biomedical researchers to closely observe species such as fruit flies, worms, and zebrafish -- for a build cost of just $116.
Emerging Tech

Keep tabs on the Earth's vibrations with the Raspberry Shake 4D

Building upon the success of last year's Raspberry Shake, which exceeded its initial Kickstarter funding goal by a whopping 1,400 percent, the Raspberry Shake 4D makes use of four precision sensors to monitor the Earth's vibrations.

Intel appears to be dropping out of the single-board computer market for now

Intel has had products on the market aimed at the do-it-yourself IoT user, including its Galileo, Edison, and Joule lineups. However, It looks like it is pulling out of the market or at least dropping these products.
Smart Home

Build your own Google Home with the latest issue of The MagPi

In the latest issue of The MagPi, the Raspberry Pi foundation has included a free hardware kit from Google. By following the included instructions, subscribers can add voice interaction to their home.