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Klipsch reference speakers make home theaters look as good as they sound

Klipsch packaged the best of its reference speaker audio technology into an all-in-one 5.1 surround home theater speaker system, including a wireless-capable subwoofer, for under $1,000.

Intel shamelessly enticing OEMs to use upcoming ‘Apollo Lake’ CPUs during IDF 2016

This week during the Intel Developer Forum in China, Intel is pushing OEMs to use the upcoming "Apollo Lake" family of CPUs in Cloudbooks. The company is providing a reference design that includes the suggested chip and a touch-based…
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This $60,000 speaker system sounds so good we’re having trouble doing our jobs

No other audio system that's graced our listening room has captivated and mesmerized our staff quite like Technics Reference system. This is the sort of audio system that you must hear to understand, but we're going to do our best to show…
Home Theater

Klipsch unveils a siege of new speakers for its Reference home theater line

As a part of its new grand scheme to align a host of products under its Reference line, Klipsch threw down a gauntlet of gear today for an entirely new home theater speaker lineup.
Emerging Tech

Philips Shows Nexperia Media Player Design

Philips and Mediabolic are showing off a new reference design of their Nexperia networked media player chip for manufacturers.
Emerging Tech

Sharp To Sell Portable Media Players

Sharp has developed two new reference designs to address the growing category of portable multimedia applications.
Home Theater

Canton Introduces Karat Reference 6 DC

Canton has introduced the Karat Reference 6 DC, a new floorstanding loudspeaker in its acclaimed signature Karat Reference line.
Home Theater

Snell launches XA 2500 LCR speakers

Snell Acoustics has just introduced the XA 2500 LCR Speaker.