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Man turns wife’s criticism of his culinary skills into a robotic cooking machine

Never say that nagging never got anything done -- apparently, one enterprising wife managed to nag her husband into creating a smart robotic chef. This robot cooking machine made its debut at the 6th China International Technology Fair.
DT Daily

DT Daily: Amazon is planning to build Alexa-enabled home robots

How would you like to have your Alexa speaker follow you around the house? Amazon is developing a new home robot that could see the light of day sometime this year.
Emerging Tech

Astonishing artificial muscle can lift 12,600 times its own body weight

Researchers have developed an impressive artificial muscle, which could one day be used for augmenting the strength of robots, that's capable of lifting up to 12,600x its own weight.

Say hi to Daisy, an Apple-made robot that recycles old iPhones

Apple has set itself recycling targets with its tech products, and to help meet them, it's employing the services of Daisy. The robot can take apart 200 iPhones an hour, salvaging reusable parts and components.
Emerging Tech

You can help a cyborg drummer get a new, improved robot arm so he can tour

Thanks to researchers at Georgia Tech, amputee Jason Barnes received a robot arm that lets him play the drums again. Now he's hoping to get a new, improved prosthesis to go on tour with.
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Bust a move! A German robot dances to communicate with honeybees

Researchers in Germany have developed a RoboBee robot which shows honeybees the best foraging locations by mimicking a dance real bees employ to relay this information to one another.
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Counting down the 10 most important robots in history

From research labs to our own homes, robots are everywhere these days. But which are the most important robots ever built? We decided to welcome our new robot overlords with just such a list.
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Fribo is a cat-like robot that tells your friends what’s going on in your home

Fribo is a robot developed by researchers in Korea, designed to help stave off loneliness -- apparently by letting all your friends know exactly what you're doing in your house all the time.
Emerging Tech

This robot can mimic your hand gestures and whoop you at rock-paper-scissors

A collaboration between innovation studio Deeplocal and Google’s Android Things, this DIY HandBot is a robot hand that can recognize and replicate your gestures. It can even play rock-paper-scissors.
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Reis & Irvy’s robotic frozen yogurt machine to be released in April

The patented technology of the froyo vending machine robot was manufactured by Flex, Ltd, with frozen yogurt created by Dannon YoCream. The Froyo Robot offers seven flavors of frozen yogurt, ice cream, sorbet, and gelato.
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Tanks for the beer! Robotic vehicle follows you around, brings you a brewski

Created by maker Balázs Simon, the WalaBeer tank is a homemade Alexa-connected armored vehicle that follows you around your apartment with the express goal of delivering you a beer.
Emerging Tech

Doctors can steer this robot through your guts with an Xbox-style controller

A new endoscopy robot, designed to access hard-to-reach places in the human body, has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance. Coming soon to a hospital near you.