Do you need pop-ups on your Mac? Here's how to enable them

Want to learn how to allow pop-ups on a Mac? Here's how to enable pop-ups when necessary on popular Mac browsers including Safari, Firefox, and Chrome: We'll also show you how to whitelist particular sites!

How to turn off Safari website notifications

Website notifications can be annoying, especially from sites you aren't interested in. Here we'll show you how to turn off Safari website notifications and control your push notifications so you only see those you really want to.

You need cookies to make the internet run properly. Here's how to enable them

Browser cookies may not sound like the most appealing aspect of browsing the web, but they're still a necessary component to navigating a wealth of websites nonetheless. Here's how to enable cookies in your browser if you need them.

Researchers exploit flaws in two browsers installed on MacOS devices

Two separate reports show how researchers utilized Safari and Chome to control the Touch Bar and gain remote access without a password. The first Safari-based hack took place during Pwn2Own exploiting a flaw in the browser.

Just read it later! Take advantage of the full power of Safari’s Reading List

Are you often stuck in a long train commute or traveling a lot? Find out how to add to and find the reading list in iOS so that you can read your favorite articles whenever is most convenient.

This unique open-air hotel room looks like a giant bird’s nest

A unique hotel room in the middle of one of Kenya's most famous safari spots resembles a giant bird's nest and lets you sleep in the open air. But a night there doesn't come cheep (sorry, couldn't resist).

Scrolling mobile web pages in Safari is about to get a whole lot smoother

Apple is looking to make scrolling across iOS much more uniform. An update to the Safari browser will mean it won't differentiate between websites that implement Google's AMP and those that don't.

Twitter thinks your Nintendo Switch is running Apple’s Safari web browser

Twitter seems to think that the Nintendo Switch is Apple hardware running Safari, thanks to the engine shared by the new system's method of posting content to social media and the popular Mac web browser.

Apple allegedly found storing ‘deleted’ Safari browsing data in iCloud

Elcomsoft, a Russian forensics software firm, published findings that claimed Apple is storing “deleted” Safari browsing history in iCloud without users’ knowledge, but it appears that Apple is now addressing the mistake.

Why every browser sucks eventually (It’s all your fault)

The more you use a browser, the more you bog it down. Which is why you should never trust that new browser smell. Every browser sucks, eventually, and it's all your fault.

Vivaldi web browser hits version 1.0, beats Chrome, Firefox in RAM usages

Jon von Tetzchner has been working with a "team of browser building pioneers" to launch Vivaldi, a power-savvy new web browser that could rival Firefox, Safari, and even Google Chrome.

Safari and Mail crashing on your iPhone? Trying installing iOS 9.3.1

An issue with iOS 9's universal links API caused a wide variety of system crashes. A new patch, iOS 9.3.1, is aimed at rectifying the bug. It's available as both an iTunes and over-the-air update.

Apple’s new Safari Technology Preview gives you a glimpse of the browser’s future

If you're a web developer, or if you just like your browsers in purple, Safari Technology Preview offers a glimpse into the future using the most recent revisions to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WebKit.

Apple Pay reportedly coming to mobile websites later this year

Apple looks set to expand its payments system to mobile websites before the end of the year, reports suggest. The move would allow users of Touch ID-equipped iOS devices to make purchases on shopping sites via the company's Safari browser.

Street View offers sofa-based safari through South Africa’s Kruger National Park

Going on a safari sounds great but the cost of international travel to far corners of the globe can be prohibitive for many. So how about diving into Street View, which has just posted new panoramic imagery snapped inside South Africa's…
Movies & TV

GMA wants to take you on a VR safari with help from IM360

On Wednesday morning, Good Morning America is partnering with IM360 to unveil GMA On Safari, described as "the first network television event to be simultaneously broadcast live in 360 degrees."

Prank website causes Safari to crash and forces iPhones and iPads to reboot

Think twice before you click on links. A new prank has been identified that is causing a headache for many iPhone and iPad users as it forces their devices to overheat and eventually reboot.

New iOS malware in China hijacks apps and forces full-page ads in Safari

A new crop of malware has been spotted making the rounds in China and Taiwan, slyly getting onto devices by offering a way to circumvent Web censorship in the country. It is the latest in Apple's battle to lower malware rates in China.