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Tempe police chief: Uber likely not to blame in deadly autonomous car accident

Uber has put the brakes on its experimental autonomous vehicles in Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Toronto following a deadly crash between an Uber vehicle and a woman in Tempe, Arizona, according to TV station ABC15.

Porsche may build flying taxis to combat traffic

Ever wanted to take a ride in a flying car? Well, one day you may be able to. Porsche has reportedly said that it is considering working on flying taxis as a way of dealing with traffic issues.

Hyundai shows off a fuel-efficient (and fast) fleet of autonomous cars

Olympians aren't the only folks looking to set records in Pyeongchang this year. Hyundai announced that a fleet of its fuel cell electric cars successfully completed a "self-driven 190-kilometer (118-mile) journey from Seoul to Pyeongchang.

Waymo returns home to San Francisco, where its self-driving tests first began

After taking some time away from the West Coast, Waymo is bringing its autonomous vehicle technology back to the place it all began -- San Francisco. The self-driving Chrysler Pacific has been seen making its way around the Bay Area.

At CES 2018, autonomous cars took the wheel and drove into the future

Autonomous cars had a huge showing at CES 2018, with astounding concepts on display from Toyota, Nvidia, and more. Here are some of the highlights, including a modular, mobile box and a powerful new processor.
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Martti is a self-driving car from Finland designed for icy snow-covered roads

Many self-driving cars aren't able to handle extreme weather conditions yet, but Martti is equipped with special sensors and software designed to navigate on snow-covered roads without any lane markings.

Toyota to put its driverless car through ‘extreme’ testing in California

Toyota will put its latest self-driving technology through "extreme" testing on a closed driving course in California. The company said the track will allow its engineers to subject its car to "hazardous" driving conditions.

Google built an entire fake city to test the AI of its driverless cars

The self-driving car race is really heating up, with several tech companies zooming towards the finish line. Waymo is using a fake city in the California desert to simulate real-life situations that human drivers confront every day on…

Here’s how Bosch teaches cars to see using artificial intelligence

Cars can't drive themselves if they can't see the world around them, so AI by Bosch gives them sight. We took an exclusive ride in a prototype that knows as much about driving in a city as its occupants.

Waymo is teaching its autonomous cars how to better react to emergency lights

You know what to do when you hear the sirens of an ambulance. But does a self-driving car know too? Here to ensure the answer is "yes" is Waymo, which is improving the way its autonomous vehicles detect emergency vehicles.

Volvo’s new self-driving truck follows trash collectors like a dog

Rather than entirely automating garbage collecting, Volvo's new truck is designed to work alongside a trash collector, reversing from house to house to make collection more efficient.

This self-driving car camera can literally see the light at the end of a tunnel

Seeing traffic lights is rather important for a self-driving car and the anti-flicker tech inside Sony's latest sensor makes it happen. The car camera is also capable of "seeing" in only moonlight.