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Apple Car rendering from Vanarama.

Apple’s rumored car could cost the same as a Tesla Model S

A report on Tuesday suggests Apple has made significant changes to its plan for an autonomous car, while some elements have yet to be agreed upon.
Lineup of all 5 Navlab autonomous vehicles.

How a big blue van from 1986 paved the way for self-driving cars

A render that shows what the Apple Car might look like.

We now know what the self-driving Apple Car might look like

Electric Self-Driving DeLorean by Stanford University

Electric DeLorean pushes the limits of self-driving tech with flawless drifting

apple car blind spot patent spots feature

The Apple Car moves forward with a patent that could eliminate blind spots

Apple’s interest in self-driving cars reported to be revving up

self driving robot bartender 20190114 cra guido in the city

Too buzzed to drive? Don’t worry — this autonomous car-bar will drive to you

zoox first californias self driving passenger service car in san francisco

In a first, California will finally let you get picked up by this autonomous car Texas image brings free, on-demand self-driving car rides to second Texas city

honda invests in gm cruise mass production driverless vehicle

Honda hands GM $2.75 billion so it can get the Cruise self-driving unit moving

The Jetsons Technology Robot Assistants

Survey says: We’d rather let robots cook than drive

utah lensless window camera research web

Lensless cameras could turn windows into sensors, even pointed the ‘wrong’ way

Ford autonomous car

Ford’s self-driving vehicle division is set to go — autonomous

Ford is getting serious about its self-driving car unit, and has spun out its autonomous car division into its own company. Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC now encompasses "all aspects of its self-driving vehicle business operations, to accelerate its AV business and capitalize on market opportunities."
uber self driving trucks delivering freight truck

Anthony Levandowski, fired by Uber, to start another self-driving car company

Anthony Levandowski has now begun yet another self-driving car company called As it stands, the firm remains in stealth mode, so we don't know all too much about these new efforts -- yet. However, we do know that the company has ambitious goals, and that it's currently looking to hire engineers.
Tesla crash Laguna Beach

6 self-driving car crashes that tapped the brakes on the autonomous revolution

Self-driving vehicles have the possibility to bring multiple benefits -- from safer driving experiences to less congestion in cities. With that being said, they're not perfect. Accidents happen for reasons of both human and technical error. These are the most significant crashes so far.
Two people exit a Waymo taxi.

Waymo autonomous vehicles will reach 7 million test miles this week

Waymo just keeps burning up the pavement. On Tuesday, the company's chief business development officer announced that its fleet of autonomous vehicles will reach 7 million test miles driven by the end of this week. That means that Waymo's testing pace has accelerated significantly in the last month.
How Nvidia is helping autonomous cars simulate their way to safety

How Nvidia is helping autonomous cars simulate their way to safety

Better computer-generated graphics is helping self-driving cars learn to maneuver life-like roads under simulated conditions.
2017 Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid Review

Porsche may build flying taxis to combat traffic

Porsche may start work on developing flying taxis as a way of combating gridlock and quickly ferrying users through major cities.
hyundai fuel cell electric self driving hyunda autonomous vehicle 1

Hyundai shows off a fuel-efficient (and fast) fleet of autonomous cars

Hyundai announced that a fleet of it fuel cell electric cars successfully completed a "self-driven 190 kilometer (118 mile) journey from Seoul to Pyeongchang.

Waymo returns home to San Francisco, where its self-driving tests first began

Waymo is finally bringing its autonomous vehicle technology back to the place it all began -- San Francisco.
autonomous cars self driving ces 2018 00 09 10 still056

At CES 2018, autonomous cars took the wheel and drove into the future

Autonomous cars had a huge showing at CES 2018, with astounding concepts on display from Toyota, Nvidia, and more.

Martti is a self-driving car from Finland designed for icy snow-covered roads

Many self-driving cars aren't able to handle adverse weather, but the Finnish creation Martti is specially equipped for snowy roads.
Toyota Platform 2.1 self-driving car

Toyota to put its driverless car through ‘extreme’ testing in California

Toyota is gearing up to put its latest autonomous vehicle technology through "extreme" testing on a closed driving course in California.
Fake City Waymo Self-driving Test Fleet

Google built an entire fake city to test the AI of its driverless cars

Welcome to the fake city of Castle, built by Google in California to test the artificial intelligence algorithms of its self-driving cars.
Bosch artificial intelligence

Here’s how Bosch teaches cars to see using artificial intelligence

Bosch's R&D department uses artificial intelligence to help cars see their environment. Here's how AI by Bosch lets them drive themselves.
waymo self driving cars emergency vehicles 0 ezuihisuecwwdh4b

Waymo is teaching its autonomous cars how to better react to emergency lights

Waymo has begun improving the way its autonomous vehicles detect emergency vehicles with tests in Arizona.
volvo self driving garbage truck volvo2

Volvo’s new self-driving truck follows trash collectors like a dog

Volvo announced last week that it has begun trials in Sweden with a self-driving garbage truck that follows garbage collectors around.
sony imx390cqv low light car sensors sonysensor

This self-driving car camera can literally see the light at the end of a tunnel

Seeing traffic lights is rather important for a self-driving car -- and the anti-flicker tech inside Sony's latest sensor makes it happen.
self driving honda civic 700 img 20170215 172643

A college student turned his Honda Civic into a self-driving car for $700

This college student used downloaded software and some ingenuity to turn his Honda Civic into an autonomous vehicle -- for just $700.
volkswagen race trainer feat

VW built a self-racing car, and we went for a hair-raising ride

oxbotica self driving car uber 1 feat

Uber’s Pittburgh robotaxis amuse riders, still struggle with double parked cars

Mentor Automotive

How do engineers design today’s astronomically complicated cars? Using these tools

nutonomy self driving taxi boston testing

You can now hail a driverless taxi with a smartphone in Singapore

Grab and NuTonomy just partnered to bring driverless taxis on demand in Singapore.
Ford autonomous car

Going for a ride in Ford’s self-driving car