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Don’t be surprised that Amazon workers are watching footage from the Cloud Cam

After the public outcry against the practice of using human reviewers on voice and video recordings, Amazon gave users the ability to opt out of human review, but it's important to understand what the review is for. Human reviewers improve an A.I.'s ability to understand and respond to users.
Apple AirPods and Siri.

The Spotify-Siri integration that Apple users have been asking for is here

After years of waiting, a new Spotify update adds the ability to use Siri to summon up your favorite artists, album, and tracks. The feature works on mobile devices with iOS 13, including vehicles equipped with CarPlay, and there's also a new Spotify app for Apple TV and Apple TV 4K.
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5 ways that future A.I. assistants will take voice tech to the next level

Since Siri debuted on the iPhone 4s, voice assistants have gone from sci-fi gimmick to the basis for smart speaker technology found in one in six American homes. But what will it take to drive these A.I. assistants to the next level? Here are 5 challenges just waiting to be solved.
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Apple reprogrammed Siri to never say the word ‘feminism’

According to a new report, Siri was programmed to deflect questions related to feminism and the #MeToo movement. While Siri will say that it "believes all humans should be treated equally," the digital assistant will not say the word feminism -- even when asked directly about the topic.
nike adapt huarache laces controlled by siri close

Nike tightens its grip on smart shoes with new laces controlled by Siri

Nike's newest shoe is a modern take on a the classic Huarache sneaker with laces that can be controlled by Apple's Siri. The Nike Adapt Huarache, which the company announced on Thursday, uses FitAdapt self-lacing technology that is paired with Apple’s Siri to tighten or loosen your laces.
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Apple apologizes for letting contractors listen to Siri recordings of sex

Apple issued a rare apology for allowing contractors to listen to Siri recordings and announced Wednesday they won't be listening to your Siri conversations by default anymore. The contractors had overheard recordings that included couples having sex, discussions of private medical information, and even drug deals
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The results are in: Alexa is legitimately dumber than Siri and Google Assistant

If you’ve always thought Alexa was dumber than the other voice assistants in your house or on your phone, a new test performed by Loup Ventures might prove your theory correct. Amazon Alexa scored last in an IQ test against Google Assistant and Siri.
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Arlo’s smart security cams take a bite out of Apple, finally add HomeKit support

After announcing at CES earlier this year that it was launching support to add its popular smart security cameras to Apple's HomeKit smart home platform, device manufacturer Arlo has delivered on its promise in its latest update by enabling users to add cameras to the platform.
apple siri whispering

Apple contractors will no longer be able to listen to your Siri recordings

Last week, it was revealed that Apple uses human contractors to review Siri recordings, contractors that often end up hearing everything from drug deals to sexual encounters as a result. Now Apple says it has suspended the use of those contractors and is reviewing the program
Siri voice command on an Apple Watch.

Apple contractors listening to Siri requests hear sex, drug deals, and more

Apple contractors routinely hear sensitive things like confidential medical information, couples having sex, and drug deals as part of their work related to quality control for the company’s virtual assistant Siri. It was revealed that earlier this year that humans also evaluate things overheard by Amazon's Alexa
How to use Siri on a Mac

How to use Siri on a Mac

Siri is Apple’s built-in assistant on MacOS. It can help you with a whole heap of tasks, from finding files and changing settings to launching apps and getting the latest sports results. We’ll guide you through setting Siri up, plus some great timesavers to help you get the most out of Siri on you Mac.
Tim Cook WWDC 2019

Apple’s new Seattle campus may mean big things for Siri, artificial intelligence

Apple plans to hire 2,000 more employees for a new Seattle campus, the company announced Monday, with a significant number of those jobs focused on the Siri voice assistant and artificial intelligence. The new campus marks a major expansion right in Amazon and Microsoft's backyard.
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A new survey by Adobe shows an evolving market for voice applications

It's not breaking news that consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with conversing with their smartphones, digital gizmos, smart home devices, and smart speakers but a new survey from Adobe Analytics is showing a desire for more diversity in where voice technology is applied and used.
Tim Cook WWDC 2019

As Google keeps racing ahead, where is Apple’s A.I. strategy?

As the Google Assistant continues to grow and improve, Apple’s Siri is lagging behind. While Google prizes artificial intelligence and machine learning, Apple is still focused on hardware. Just what is Apple’s A.I. strategy? Can it catch up, or even close the gap, and why does it matter anyway?
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UN finds voice assistants aren’t helping combat sexist gender stereotypes

Most voice assistants have a female-sounding voice. While you may not think much of it, the United Nations believes it is reinforcing negative gender stereotypes that place women in antiquated roles. The study also argues that companies haven't done enough to have A.I. rebuff hostile language.
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LG’s 2019 TVs slide Alexa next to Google Assistant, with Siri on the way

LG has announced that Alexa will be the next voice assistant on its 2019 lineup of ThinQ A.I. TVs, joining Google Assistant. Users will be able to control their TVs and thousands of smart home devices with just their remote, no external speaker required. AirPlay 2 and Siri support is still expected later this year.
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Survey says Siri and Google Assistant are the most used voice assistants

Alexa might be extremely popular because of smart speakers, but it still has a way to go to catch up to voice assistants the are built into smartphones. A recent survey conducted by Microsoft found that Apple's Siri and Google Assistant tied for the most used voice assistants on the market.
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There will be 200 million smart speakers by year’s end, analysts say

The research and analysis firm Canalys predicts that the worldwide market for smart speakers like Amazon's Echo devices and Google Home smart speakers will reach a massive crescendo this year, topping 200 million smart speakers by the end of 2019 with the U.S. accounting for nearly half the market.
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Alexa, Google, Siri put their bilingual skills to the test in translation battle

One Hour Translation, an online translation company, compared how Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Siri stack up against one another in regard to translation capabilities. Google Home performed the best in three out of four languages, but none of the devices managed to perfectly translate the quotes.
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Can a slew of high-tech new features save the HomePod from extinction?

Though well-received by Apple fans, the HomePod hasn't exactly met expectations as far as sales go. But a newly discovered patent suggests that Apple might be about to dramatically overhaul the smart speaker with everything from facial recognition to a high-res touchscreen. Will it be enough?
Google Home device on end table in living room.

Which A.I assistant is smarter than the others? One company found the answer

This year's results are in for Loup Ventures' annual Smart Speaker IQ test. The test, which consists of 800 annually updated questions, measures how well the digital voice assistant employed by each device understands each question and answers each question correctly. Who won? Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, or Cortana?
in a data driven tomorrow does privacy need to survive the future what is

Privacy is becoming obsolete, but not everyone thinks you should fear its demise

Privacy often seems to be at odds with government surveillance and smart assistant technologies like Siri and Cortana. But do we need to sacrifice one for the other? We asked experts in a variety of fields to find out what a future without privacy might look like and whether that's really such a bad thing.
voice assistants hacked adverserial attack birds chirping alexa 40613997082 93926548db k 1

Research finds the sound of chirping birds can be used to hack Alexa

Your voice assistant may not be as safe as you think it is. According to researchers in Germany, the Alexas, Siris, and Assistants of the world can be hacked with manipulated audio files that hide hidden commands. They may sound like birds chirping to a human, but A.I. assistants can hear secret messages.

New patent suggests multiuser support could one day come to Siri

A new patent suggests that a major improvement may be in the works for Apple's digital assistant. Apple may soon work on implementing multiuser support for Siri, which could provide practical and privacy-related benefits. All we have right now is a patent, which does not mean Apple is actively working on this software.
uks defense secretary heckled by siri during speech

Watch as the U.K.’s defense secretary gets ‘heckled’ by Siri during a speech

Has Siri ever piped up seemingly out of the blue? It happened to a leading member of the U.K. government this week as he was giving a speech to the British parliament. Apple's digital assistant apparently mistook the mention of "Syria" for "Hey, Siri," causing it to offer up some information on the war-torn country.
voice assistants arent ready assistant feat

5 reasons I still hate voice assistants, even as the world goes nuts for them

I have multiple devices that I can talk to, and outside of telling Siri to turn off the lights when I go to bed (because I’m a lazy, terribly person), I don’t talk to a single one of them. In fact, I’ve disabled the voice-activation function of all the ones that I can. I don’t like talking to my devices. I find it silly, and I don’t find it makes my life any easier.
Apple Homepod

Apple HomePod tips and tricks to get you started

Did you know your Apple HomePod can do way more than play music? If you don't already know these HomePod tips and tricks, you'll be glad you read them. Learn about how to unlock the full set of features available on your HomePod.
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Fewer parents name baby girls Alexa after Amazon Echo debut

Alexa was never a top-10 U.S. baby girl name, but now, after Amazon used the name for the Echo smart speaker voice assistant, even fewer parents choose it for their newborns. Siri is a much less popular name for girls in the U.S. than Alexa, but it too has seen a decline. "Hey, Google" was never a contender.

Study shows Google Assistant is smarter than its rivals

Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft's Cortana saw strong improvement over last year, but Google Assistant still leads the pack when it comes to A.I. Siri, on the other hand, did not fare so well.
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An ‘NBA on TNT’ ad is triggering people’s HomePods and they are not pleased

You may not be the only one controlling your smart assistant -- savvy advertisers are in on the game, too. Per a new report from Apple Insider, there's an NBA on TNT ad that features the phrase, "Don't wanna miss out? Hey Siri show me the NBA schedule," which triggers the HomePod, much to many a user's chagrin. 
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New Apple patent could help Siri learn newly created words and phrases

Apple has been awarded a new patent that could prove that the company is actively working on improving Siri. The patent describes technology that can recognize new words and phrases -- essentially helping prevent the digital assistant from getting outdated.
apple 20 dtd04042018

Apple iPhone 2020: Gesture controls, MicroLED and curved screens?

Hints pop up that Apple may have many more changes in store for future iPhones, Tim Cook nabs a top A.I. guy from Google, we talk with the designers behind Jaguar's impressive I-Pace EV.
apple hires google ai expert john giannandrea

Apple’s latest hire just might make Siri seriously smarter

Siri launched several years before Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant, but it has fallen behind in terms of usability and features. That could be about to change.

Amazon is hiring even more Alexa people than Apple is hiring for Siri

It would appear that Apple is looking to hire tons and tons of bright minds to work on Siri, but Amazon is hiring even more for Alexa.