Our Siri guide: How to merge your life with Apple’s witty virtual assistant

Siri might be the most useful feature in iOS, but figuring out how to use Apple's virtual assistant can be more than a little complicated. Here's how to set it up, and make use of its robust functionality.

Hey Siri, open Word! How to use Apple's voice assistant on a Mac

If you've opted for the latest iteration of MacOS, you now have access to Siri. Here's how to get started with Apple's virtual assistant and make the most of the voice-activated feature.

Siri calls 911 after iPhone owner severely injured in a house explosion

Siri has been credited with saving yet another person's life. Christopher Beaucher says that if it weren't for the AI-powered virtual assistant, he may not have lived to tell the tale of how he escaped an exploding house.
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Apple engineers are reportedly testing Apple’s ‘Siri speaker’ in their homes

Apple has been rumored to be working on its answer to the Amazon Echo for some time, and new reports indicate that Apple engineers are now testing a prototype device in their homes.

Bixby, Samsung's virtual assistant, is rapping insults to Siri in Korean

Samsung's virtual assistant for the Galaxy S8, Bixby, gained voice functionality in Korea this week. In addition to performing basic tasks, it has proven to be an accomplished rapper, and has even taken to throwing insults at Siri.
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Say bonjour to Siri with the Genie, a speaker that supports foreign languages

The Genie is a Bluetooth speaker that lets you use Siri or Google Now in more than 50 different languages and dialects. It's not quite a replacement for the Google Home or Alexa, but it does respond in French, Spanish, and more.

Siri could one day respond to your voice — and your voice alone

As per a new patent application discovered by Patently Apple, it would appear that the iEmpire is working on a new security feature that includes voice recognition. In essence, you could set a vocal password featuring an audio footprint
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Alexa, why aren’t you a dude? How female digital assistants reinforce stereotypes

From Apple's Siri to Microsoft's Alexa to Microsoft's Cortana, digital assistant almost always default to a female voice. Why do Silicon Valley's digital assistants skew female?

Siri could be giving up your secrets, even if your iPhone is locked

iPhone owners may be horrified to find out that their trusty personal assistant is giving them up. That's right -- Siri, who you've always trusted to help you out in a tight spot, may not be as loyal as you think.

The only person readier than you are for the Super Bowl is Siri

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner, and the only person readier than you are is Siri. On Monday, Apple revealed how its famous AI assistant will be helping sports fans gear up for the big game

Apple wants to improve its AI offerings by collecting more of your data

Apple is getting more serious about artificial intelligence. But how is it going to improve its machine learning offerings? Well, by collecting more of your data. Thankfully, whether Apple collects more of your data or not is up to you.

Researchers find a way to hack your phone with hidden voice commands

A team from UC Berkeley and Georgetown University has designed a way of scrambling commands so they sound like a garbled mess to humans, but are heard loud and clear by Google Assistant.