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Siri Event Maven

Siri: Apple is on a hiring spree to make its digital assistant smarter

Apple has embarked on a major recruitment drive in recent months to bolster its team of engineers working on Siri.
Apple Homepod

Some HomePod users say the device leaves ring stains on wooden furniture

Apple HomePod users are apparently complaining about white rings left on their wooden tables from the device. Apple suggested that users refinish their furniture to remove it if it doesn't fade.

As the HomePod hits stores, Apple shares tips to get the most out of it

Apple's long-awaited HomePod smart speaker is finally here, and to ensure new owners get the most out of it, the tech giant has posted an official user guide.
CES 2018 Google Assistant Hey Google

Siri, can you hear me? Not at CES

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa dominated CES 2018, through compatibility with nearly every smarthome device we saw. But Apple HomeKit and Siri were barely seen. What gives?

As Alexa, Google Assistant dominate CES, Apple and Microsoft face tough decisions

Alexa continued to rack up integration wins at CES this year, and Google is struggling to keep pace. Is it too late for Microsoft and Apple?
apple siri whispering

Apple’s digital assistant Siri could soon be whispering sweet nothings to you

There may be times, such as when you're out and about, when you'd prefer Siri to whisper back its response. Apple is looking into the idea.

No HomePod for Christmas: Apple pushes release of smart home speaker to 2018

Apple's anticipated smart speaker, the HomePod, will not be released in December as planned. Instead fans will have to wait until 2018.
wetwire animatronic lexa bear 17 1011s2p 300dpi

You can stuff Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant inside this talking teddy bear

Wetwire Robotics, launched a Kickstarter campaign to build animatronic talking toys that integrate with Alexa, Siri and More.
siri and spotlight search

Apple cozies up to Google with Siri and Spotlight search results

Google is now the default search engine for Siri and Spotlight on iOS and MacOS. But Bing will continue to serve up image results.
Type to Siri

How to Type to Siri on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 11

In iOS 11, users can enter commands for Siri instead of having to speak out loud. Here's how you can enable the Type to Siri feature.

Light up your life with the Sylvania Smart+ bulbs, now available for pre-order

Bringing light into your life may have gotten a bit easier with the official introduction of the Sylvania Smart+ light bulbs.
Siri Event Maven

The rise of the smart assistant no longer equates to the rise of Siri

As per a new report from Verto Analytics, Siri has experienced a 15-percent decline in monthly users since last year.
Siri Event Maven

If you're looking for a job, consider becoming a Siri Event Maven

In the job market? Here's an option -- on Monday, Apple posted a new job description for a role called the Siri Event Maven.
will siri take alexa google home well find wwdc dtd06022017

Will Siri take on Alexa and Google Home? We’ll find out at WWDC

Also today: Microsoft goofs up a Win10 update, and Wonder Woman is set to rule the box office this weekend, so check out our review.
Siri Event Maven

Our Siri guide: How to merge your life with Apple’s witty virtual assistant

Apple's virtual assistant isn't the easiest piece of tech to grasp. Here's how to set it up, and make use of its robust functionality.
siri saves man in new hampshire 1

Siri calls 911 after iPhone owner severely injured in a house explosion

Christopher Beaucher says that if it weren't for Siri, he may not have lived to tell the tale of how he escaped an exploding house.
iphone 8 x factory video news apple logo

Apple engineers are reportedly testing Apple’s ‘Siri speaker’ in their homes

Apple is said to be moving toward finalizing the design of its Amazon Echo speaker, suggesting it could be unveiled in the coming months.
ip ratings explained

Bixby, Samsung's virtual assistant, is rapping insults to Siri in Korean

Samsung's virtual assistant for the Galaxy S8, Bixby, has gained its voice in Korea this week, and is showing off its rapping skills.
genie multi language voice assistant

Say bonjour to Siri with the Genie, a speaker that supports foreign languages

The Genie is a Bluetooth speaker that lets you use Siri or Google Now in more than 50 different languages and dialects.
apple siri voice recognition 2

Siri could one day respond to your voice — and your voice alone

As per a new patent application, it would appear that Apple is working on a new security feature for voice recognition.

Alexa, why aren’t you a dude? How female digital assistants reinforce stereotypes

From Apple's Siri to Microsoft's Alexa, digital assistant almost always default to female. What effect does that have users?
apple ai data collection ios 10 3 siriunlock2

Siri could be giving up your secrets, even if your iPhone is locked

You've always trusted Siri to help you out in a tight spot, but she may not be as loyal as you think, as one Twitter user discovered.
Apple iPhone 7

The only person readier than you are for the Super Bowl is Siri

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner, and the only person readier than you are is Siri, which will help you with everything you need.
apple ai data collection ios 10 3 siriunlock2

Apple wants to improve its AI offerings by collecting more of your data

Apple is getting more serious about artificial intelligence. But how is it going to improve? Well, by collecting more of your data.
google now launcher discontinued nexus 6

Researchers find a way to hack your phone with hidden voice commands

A team has designed a way of scrambling commands so they sound like a garbled mess to humans, but are heard clearly by Google Assistant.
Apple AirPods review

Apple AirPod ad campaign begins with limited product availability

A dancer by the name of Lil Buck showcases the "freedom" of the new Apple AirPod earbuds in a series of TV spots.
talk to ai assistants like your pets gatebox3 head

Oh, get over it! Talking to AI is no weirder than talking to your dog

amazon paypal news office

PayPal now supports Siri for voice-powered payments

PayPal has launched new Siri integration that lets you send and request money with simple voice commands.
germany self driving car tests mercedes autonomous

Do humans make computers smarter?

apple ai data collection ios 10 3 siriunlock2

Apple is betting on Japan to fix Siri and get serious on artificial intelligence

Apple is once again looking to Asia to turbocharge its research and development process, this time to improve its artificial intelligence efforts.
apple ai data collection ios 10 3 siriunlock2

Samsung is buying the new AI assistant from the masterminds behind Siri

Best alternatives to Zoom - Skype

Want to make a Skype call on your iPhone? Now you can ask Siri!

Amazon Echo Dot

Apple is reportedly making progress on its Siri-powered Amazon Echo competitor

Earlier this year, rumors surfaced of Apple working on a Siri-powered Amazon Echo competitor. Now that device has reportedly entered prototype testing.
siri may open smart locks for strangers siriunlock3

Siri may open your smart lock-enabled doors to anyone who asks nicely

A Missouri man found out the hard way that his Apple HomeKit-enabled smart home could unlock his smart locks for strangers who simply ask Siri to do so.