Skyping friends and family is easier than you think. Here's how to get started

Skype is one of the most popular ways to chat online, but you may have never used it before. In just a few minutes, we'll have you text chatting, voice or video calling friends and family anywhere in the world.

What is FaceTime? Learn all about Apple’s video-calling app

Originally introduced in 2010, just in time for the release of the iPhone 4, FaceTime, Apple's proprietary video-calling application, allows users to video chat with their friends and family. But what else can it do?
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7 Exotic technologies that were once science fiction, but now exist in reality

It’s no big surprise that engineers and scientists working in cutting edge tech are often inspired by science fiction. Here are seven examples of sci-fi gadgets engineers helped bring to life.

The best webcams you can buy are mostly made by Logitech

Here's our list of the best webcams you can buy right now for business, game broadcasting, 4K video streaming, and customers on a budget. Our list mostly comprises of cameras made by Logitech.

Microsoft and Signal team up to bring end-to-end encryption to Skype

Using Open Whisper System's Signal Protocol, Skype has released a preview of end-to-end encrypted "Private Conversations" to select users, providing an extra layer of security for Skype content.

Want to make calls across the internet for less? Try these VOIP services

Voice over IP services are getting more and more popular, but there are still a few that stand above the pack. In this guide, we'll give you a few options for the best VOIP services for home and business users.

Sticky Notes get stickier with a new update squashing bugs and packing bullets

Version of Microsoft's handy Sticky Notes app is out, squashing bugs and packing new features. The app now supports bullet-style messages, faster performance, and a new Maps view.

Recording a call for your podcast? Here's how to record a Skype session

Skype may be the premiere voice-over-IP service, but it doesn't include built-in software for recording audio or video calls. Here's how to how to record a Skype call using a variety of tools, including some freemium software.

The best video chat apps to help you stay in touch

Though still relatively new, video-chat apps can help you connect with people from around the world. Here are our personal favorites to help you keep in touch regardless of smartphone OS.

Skype becomes victim of Chinese censorship, disappears from App Stores

Yet another communication tool has disappeared in China. Joining social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, Skype is the latest foreign-run tool to become a victim of censorship.

Tired of the same face filters? Skype now uses A.I. to offer new suggestions

Skype filters now allow users to jazz up their photos before sending them in the chat or adding to Highlights. The app now suggests augmented reality filters based on what's in the photo, like the Sprinkles app.

Skype for desktop has been overhauled — and it’s available now

Skype for mobile received a major overhaul exactly a year ago. This week it's the turn of the desktop app. The new design comes with fresh features and (hopefully) improvements, and is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux.