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A man and a woman video call using Google Duo.

9 ways to make video calls on your TV

Video calling has become a necessity in post-pandemic lives, but doing it from the best screen in the house is still surprisingly hard. Here's how to do it.
iPhone with the Skype mobile app loading screen.

Skype now supports 911 calls in the U.S.

microsoft skype meetings office 365 feat

Skype lives on as Microsoft adds new features to take on Zoom and Google Meet

this cheap webcam surprised me by how good it was gohzq

This $33 4K webcam from Amazon is shockingly good

best mac apps for small business skype

How to change your Skype name


How to record a Skype call

microsoft skype meetings office 365 feat

How to use Skype

skype doubles its group video chat limit to 50 participants  people

How to share your screen on Skype

Google Pixelbook Go keyboard

The best laptops for videoconferencing

skype build 2016 mobile smartphone ios android

How to delete your Skype account

skype video group mobile pc chat

Skype wants to be your videoconferencing tool of choice

microsoft 365 personal teams for family deepen your connection to and friends with skype

Microsoft runs your office. Microsoft 365 Personal wants to run your family, too

skype disappears from app stores china quito  ecuador august 3 2015 white smartphone closeup lying next to silver pen and wal

Microsoft contractors reviewed Skype, Cortana audio with ‘no security measures’

A former Microsoft contractor working in Beijing revealed that there were "no security measures" in place for their work of grading Skype and Cortana recordings. The source said that over two years, he worked on his personal laptop from home, from where he accessed the audio from a Google Chrome app.
harmon kardon invoke review top

Microsoft’s latest patent reveals a Skype-enabled smart speaker

A new Microsoft patent suggests the company might be preparing to release a new Skype-focused smart speaker. Last month Microsoft filed a patent for an iPhone-focused "Skype dock." The new device would have a built-in projector that allows for 3D reconstructions during Skype calls.
nova launcher

Skype ups its messaging game with drafts, bookmarks, previews, and more

Skype has launched a bunch of new features for mobile and desktop, including drafts, bookmarks, and previews. Also, the split window feature (showing contacts and conversations) that launched recently for Windows 10 has now landed for Windows, Mac, and Linux running the latest version of Skype.
android phone skype

Microsoft contractors are listening to some Skype calls and Cortana commands

Microsoft’s contractors are listening to some Skype calls and Cortana voice commands. According to a recent report published by Motherboard, some Skype calls made via Skype’s Translator feature are being recorded and sent to contractors to be reviewed as part of Skype’s translation service.
skype will soon let you share your android or ios screen during calls mobile

Skype now lets you share your Android or iOS screen during calls

Skype has officially launched screen sharing for Android and iOS so you can share your swipes on dating apps, shop with buddies, or, if you really must, show a PowerPoint presentation to co-workers. It also rolled out a new menu offering quick access to various features, and a cleaner interface for video calls.
skype doubles its group video chat limit to 50 participants  people

Skype doubles its group video chat limit to 50 participants

Skype now allows for up to 50 people in video and audio chats, double that of before. And instead of ringing everyone as a way to get a group call started, you can now send unobtrusive notifications to get everyone’s attention. The update is available now with the latest version of Skype for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
skypes new blur background feature could help save your blushes skype

Latest Skype preview now lets you chat with up to 50 people on a video call

Microsoft is currently testing a key change to its Skype video conferencing software. The latest beta version of Skype is now introducing an ability to enter a video call with up to 50 people, a change from the current public version which has a maximum limit of 25 participants.
skype real time captions and subtitles aims to support better collaboration translation

Skype for web gets a bunch of new features that include call recording

Skype has given the web version of its video chat service a makeover, adding high-definition calls, a recording feature, and a revamped notification panel, among other extras. Skype for web launched in 2015 and allows anyone with a Microsoft account to launch a chat without having to download any software.
skypes new blur background feature could help save your blushes skype

Skype’s new ‘blur background’ feature could help keep you from blushing

Skype has launched a new feature that lets you blur your background during video calls. The idea is that it keeps you as the focus instead of distracting others with whatever embarrassing things you might have on show behind you. Skype's background blur works on desktop and can be activated in a couple of clicks.
Skype Bug

Skype’s real-time A.I. captions and subtitles aim for better collaboration

Microsoft enabled a feature that brings real-time translation and transcription to your Skype video calls. Launched to celebrate the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the closed-captioning feature aims to use A.I. to break down communication barriers to foster better collaboration.
skype finally gets built in call recording

Skype finally gets built-in call recording so you can ‘capture special moments’

Ten years after launching video chats, Skype has finally added call recording to desktop and mobile. The feature stores recorded chats in the cloud and lets you save and share them, too. The new addition means users can now choose whether to ditch their third-party recording software in favor of Skype's offering.
Best alternatives to Zoom - Skype

Say goodbye to Highlights: Microsoft goes back to basics with Skype redesign

Microsoft is taking a back-to-basics approach with Skype's new UI. In addition to removing certain features, such as Highlights, the company is also looking to improve the UI's usability by focusing on a simple, clean UI. We're also getting new themes such as Dark and Classic.
skype disappears from app stores china quito  ecuador august 3 2015 white smartphone closeup lying next to silver pen and wal

SMS Connect will allow you to use Skype to text from your PC

If you're a fan of Skype, then we have some good news for you. Microsoft is working on a new Skype feature called SMS Connect, which will allow you to use Skype to send and receive text messages on your PC -- provided you have an Android phone.
skype call recording skyperecording01

Cloud-based call recording is coming to Skype, but will you use it?

The next release of the Skype VOIP client will add call recording for both voice and video chats, bringing users a feature that has been available to businesses for years. Until now, home users who wanted to record calls had to use third-party software, but once August rolls around, that's all going to change.
skype disappears from app stores china quito  ecuador august 3 2015 white smartphone closeup lying next to silver pen and wal

Skype introduces read receipts, but don’t worry, you can disable them

There's now another medium through which you can exercise your passive-aggressive tendencies (or just generally let folks know that their messages aren't going into the void). Skype has announced that its latest version (Skype 8.26.76) will finally include read receipts. It's currently available to Insiders.
1211916 autosave v1 windows 10 upgrade compatprob

Microsoft pulls its ‘Sets’ feature in the latest Windows Insider build

The latest preview build for Windows Insiders is out and with it sees the removal of Sets. Originally slated to be a part of the next major feature update, Sets intended to group your favorite apps together for a more productive workflow. But Microsoft decided to remove Sets based on feedback.
telehuman 2 hologram telehuman20

A new system could bring life-sized holograms to a meeting near you

Researchers recently unveiled the TeleHuman 2, a system they’re boasting as the “first truly holographic video conferencing system.” It's designed to bring video conferences to life, enabling people to pick up on the subtle body language that is often essential to communication.
xbox live password hack outed 5 year old criminal mastermind hacker

Microsoft updates Code of Conduct to crack down on offensive content

Microsoft distributed an email over the weekend alerting customers to its updated Code of Conduct rules starting May 1, 2018.
Facetime App

What is FaceTime? Learn all about Apple’s video-calling app

Apple's proprietary video-calling app, FaceTime, allows users to video chat with friends and family, but what else can it do?
7 sci fi gadgets brought to life star wars hologram

7 Exotic technologies that were once science fiction, but now exist in reality

It’s no big surprise that engineers and scientists working in cutting edge tech are often inspired by science fiction. Here are seven examples of sci-fi gadgets engineers helped bring to life.

Microsoft and Signal team up to bring end-to-end encryption to Skype

Using Open Whisper System's Signal Protocol, Skype has released a preview of end-to-end encrypted "Private Conversations" to select users.
Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes get stickier with a new update squashing bugs and packing bullets

Version of Microsoft's handy Sticky Notes app is out, squashing bugs and packing new features. The app now supports bullet messages.