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Airline smart luggage ban will be a real headache for travelers

Three major U.S. carriers have announced a ban on smart luggage whose batteries can't be removed. The ban starts on January 15, 2018, and will hit not only travelers, but also companies like Bluesmart that make the bags.

Poros Tetra backpack carries and charges all your stuff

The Poros Tetra backpack features integrated dual charging for your laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. Its built-in battery and durable construction means you can take your devices anywhere without worrying about losing power.
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Pack a week's worth of clothes into this smart carry-on

Need a smart carry on? The Kickstarter campaign for the ProGo says you can fit a week's worth of clothes into this carry-on-sized bag. The ProGo also has a Bluetooth tracker inside, should you ever lose it.
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Want to charge your gadgets with just a bag? Meet Phorce

Definitely ideal for anyone that carries several mobile devices, the Phorce smart bag will keep you powered without having to find an electrical outlet.