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Bags with brains: Smart luggage and gadgets are making travel smoother

The bag you use to tote your stuff can affect the experience of any trip. In response, suitcases are wising up, and there are options for smart luggage with scales, tracking, and more.
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The ForwardX CX-1 is the first smart suitcase custom-built to follow you

Luggage is only getting smarter. Case in point? The autonomous CX-1, a suitcase specifically designed to charge your gadgets while on the move and follow you throughout the airport terminal.

Inspired by Segway, this robotic suitcase follows you around the airport

The 90Fun Puppy 1 uses trackers to follow you around, but still manages to balance on two wheels using tech from Segway. The smart suitcase is the first U.S.-based launch for the China-based brand.
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The Apple iPhone X is so 2017; rumors swirl about possible 2018 models

The next Apple iPhone X model may grow a bit, airlines move to regulate "smart" luggage for safety, Qualcomm takes the wraps of the new Snapdragon 845 mobile chip.
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Airline smart luggage ban will be a real headache for travelers

Three major U.S. carriers have announced a ban on smart luggage whose batteries can't be removed. The ban starts on January 15, 2018, and will hit not only travelers, but also companies like Bluesmart that make the bags.
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High fashion and high-tech meet in Rebecca Minkoff #AlwaysOn luggage

You'll soon be able to bring the same fashion you enjoy in your handbag to your travel bag. Here to introduce high fashion to high tech is Rebecca Minkoff and her eponymous fashion line, which debuted #AlwaysOn power luggage.

Smart travelers don’t need smart luggage yet, but we haven’t lost hope

Do travelers really need features like Bluetooth, digital scales, and batteries? We took Barracuda’s latest smart luggage along on a trip to find out, and the results opened our eyes.

Bluesmart’s slick smart suitcase is back, and it has brought along some friends

After the massive success of its first crowd-funding campaign, Bluesmart's back with Series 2 of its smart luggage. This time, it has added more products to the range, and made them even smarter.

No more wrinkled suits on the road — this garment bag folds to laptop-case size

Tired of showing up to business meetings in rumpled clothing, a British business writer invented the Pliqo collapsible garment bag. With a business wear or formal wear inside, the garment bag folds to the size of a laptop case.
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The Floatti is the world’s first smart suspension ride suitcase

Travelling just got a lot less stressful with the Floatti, the world's first smart suspension ride suitcase. This suitcase is designed to exceed the traveler's needs, while implementing suspension engineering on the wheels for a smooth…
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Future luggage from Samsonite may check itself in and follow you around

Samsung's partnering with luggage maker Samsonite to produce smart baggage that checks itself in, relays its location, and follows you around. And that's just scratching the surface.