smart trash can
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Got a pile of dust on your floor? This garbage can will suck it up

You know that little line of dust that you inevitably leave as you sweep debris into a dustpan? The Bruno garbage can could eliminate that forever, with a built-in vacuum that lets you sweep dirt right into it.
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Simplehuman puts a new spin on dirty talk with its voice-activated trash can

Whether you wave your hand in front of its sensor or ask it to open its lid, the Simplehuman voice-activated sensor can is a more hygienic way to throw out your garbage.
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Scan your garbage’s barcode, and this smart code will tell you to recycle or trash it

The Eugene smart trash can by Uzer scans your waste's UPC, and tells you which parts of the packaging can be recycled and which cannot, companion app tracks products and adds them to shopping list for you.