Is this proof Google plans to launch a Pixel Watch soon?

From its Pixel smartphones to Google Home, the Google brand is quickly becoming synonymous with high-quality consumer hardware. This year, it looks like Google may branch out a little further by creating its first smartwatch.

Less glitz, more tech for Michael Kors and its new Access Runway smartwatch

Michael Kors has brought back the Access Runway name it last used in 2016, and this time attached it to a Wear OS smartwatch, complete with new tech, and a cool way of customizing the watch face too.

The Galaxy Watch will make you a better person

The newly unveiled Galaxy Watch pushes the edge of the wearable envelope: This smartwatch aims to improve not just your fitness but your overall wellness, explains Alanna Cotton, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Samsung.

Fossil’s sexy smartwatches let you watch your heart skip a beat

Fossil has announced two new smartwatches that include a heart rate sensor, NFC, GPS, and a high level of water resistance. The Q Explorist HR is for larger wrists, while the Q Venture HR is for smaller ones.

Rebble is exactly what you need if you want to bring your Pebble back to life

Want to bring your Pebble smartwatch back from the dead, after the June 30 official service shutdown? Rebble is here to help. It will help reinstate many of the best features you love about the Pebble watch.

The best Amazon Prime Day smartwatch deals (updated)

Amazon Prime Day is upon us, and that means deals, deals, deals. We've been scouring through endless pages on Amazon looking for the best, and we've rounded up a good list of smartwatch deals if you're looking for one.

Techy and trendy? That’s the new Emporio Armani Connected smartwatch

Emporio Armani is back with a new smartwatch, and it has the tech to match its trendy style. The 2018 EA Connected smartwatch has features to rival the Apple Watch, with a style that's reminiscent of Armani's traditional watches.

iBeat Heart Watch detects when you go into cardiac arrest, is now available

While many wearables and health trackers are capable of tracking heart rate, devices that can detect when there's an emergency are rare. The iBeat Heart Watch alerts first responders when there's something wrong.

Qualcomm’s newest smartwatch chips are made just for kids

Qualcomm is launching itself head-first into the future with the release of a series of smartwatch chips meant exclusively for children's smartwatches, aimed at educating and protecting the next generation.

The Apple Watch Series 1 has been discounted to an all-time low

Smartwatches are struggling to find their place in today's tech-saturated market, with one exception: The Apple Watch. Now, you can score a brand-new Apple Watch Series 1 for just $149 -- the lowest price we've seen yet.
Emerging Tech

After 70 years, a working Dick Tracy two-way watch radio is finally available

Created by brothers Nick and Charlie Mathis, the Dick Tracy Watch not only looks like the timepiece featured in the comics -- it actually works, too. Here's how you can get your hands on one.

Get NFC payments, blood oxygen readings, and GPS from Garmin’s Fenix 5 Plus

The Fenix 5 GPS multisport watch was a major win for Garmin, and now, the Kansas company is releasing the latest iteration of its smart wearable. On June 18, Garmin introduced the Fenix 5 Plus series.

Smarten up your old-fashioned watch with the Montblanc Twin Smart Strap

Are you too attached to the old reliable watch on your wrist to give it up for a smartwatch? You'll soon be able to add smart functionality to your old-school watch with the Montblanc Twin Smart Strap.

The nearly perfect Garmin Fenix 5 GPS smartwatch is now on sale for $100 off

Smartwatches have come a long way in recent years. Through June 16, you can take $100 off the excellent Garmin Fenix 5 smartwatch -- one of the best GPS watches ever -- letting you score one for just $450 as part of REI's Anniversary Sale.

There’s a Wear OS alternative called AsteroidOS that you can install now

Starting to get a little tired of playing with the same software on your smartwatch? Turns out you have an open-source option, Linux-based smartwatch OS called AsteroidOS has just launched for a selection of watches.
Health & Fitness

Smart bike helmet maker Coros’ GPS fitness watch promises 30 days of battery life

Smart bike helmet manufacturer Coros has introduced a new GPS-enabled fitness smartwatch that can track workouts, has a built in heart rate monitor, and offers a 30-day battery life, all for $300.

LG's rumored hybrid smartwatch may have a touchscreen and analog hands

LG may be working on a new smartwatch that combines a touchscreen with a set of analog watch hands. We don't know what it will look like yet, but a set of specs have been leaked. Here's what you need to know about the LG Watch Timepiece.
Emerging Tech

Tiny injectable chip could be used for long-term alcohol monitoring

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have developed a tiny ultra-low power biosensor that’s designed to be injected into the body for continuous alcohol monitoring.