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What’s next for Snapchat? Patents suggest 3D models and mapping of emotions

The U.S. patent office recently published two patents by Snap, Inc. that suggest tech for creating 3D models from a smartphone and tracking emotions in a video chat. The video option would be used for customer service chats.
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Social Feed: Snapchat tests tags, bots want your data, Facebook patents a robot

In this week's Social Feed, Snapchat's latest test could add a long-ignored feature, the Russian bots also want your data, Facebook is patenting a self-balancing robot and Twitter pushes back on cryptocurrency scammers.
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2 weeks after Kylie Jenner disses Snapchat, Snap lays off 120 engineers

It's been only two weeks since Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the reality television bunch, sent the tweet heard around the Snapchat world, and now, parent company Snap is laying off around 120 employees.
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Making a Spectacle: Snap may release two new versions of its smartglasses

Snap was left with hundreds of thousands of unsold Spectacles last year. Despite this, the company is reportedly releasing two new versions of the smart eyewear. Spectacles 2.0 should be out by fall of 2018.
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Plastic surgeon: Patients are asking to look like their Snapchat-filtered selfies

At least two plastic surgeons are reporting a trend of patients coming in and wanting to look like their Snapchat-filtered selfie. But bringing in a doctored selfie may be more realistic than asking to look like a celebrity, one doctor…
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New Snapchat tabs alleviate redesign complaint, as update offers more stickers

Craving more stickers for your Snaps? Snapchat is expanding the sticker options by integrating a Giphy sticker library directly into the app. Snap Inc. also announced a change that addresses a user complaint on the redesign.
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A million Snapchatters protest app redesign but CEO sticks by it

Snapchat's major update, which is still being rolled out, created "a whole new Snapchat," according to its CEO. But it seems to have upset a lot of people, with more than a million users having already signed a protest petition.
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Snapchat continues to seep outside the app with Snap Map on the web

Snapchat isn't just for mobile devices anymore -- the second feature of the app to expand to the web is the Snap Map. The tool allows any web browser to view a Snap Map from a URL or through an embed.

Bitmoji just got a little too real. And it's not fun anymore

Last week, Snap Inc. released Bitmoji Deluxe, expanding customization options for Bitmoji avatars. In theory, it sounds great – but my experience with the new feature was filled with far more anxiety than whimsical fun.

Here is what users are saying about that new Snapchat redesign

Snapchat's new design is expected to roll out globally by the end of March but many users with access to the update aren't happy. So which features are changing and what do users with access to them say about them?
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New to Snapchat? Follow our guide and go from newbie to pro

Whether you're a Snapchat addict or a newbie, our detailed Snapchat guide will help you become a pro in no time. Find out how to get started, spice up your snaps, chat, send money, and carry out a host of other useful actions.
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Snapchat now lets you create custom, wacky AR Lenses with new fee-based tool

Wondering how to create a custom Snapchat lens without a whole lot of computer savvy? Snapchat just launched a new tool you'll want to try. The update also comes with some new caption options for Snaps.