solar cells
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These living solar cells make energy, even in bad weather

Known as “biogenic” solar cells, these bacteria-powered cells could offer an alternative to synthetic cells currently used in conventional solar panels, providing an energy source despite bad weather.
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Genetically engineered algae could bring off-grid solar power to rural Africa

Researchers in the U.K. have developed a bio solar cell that’s powered by genetically modified live algae. It could be used to help bring renewable energy to places like rural Africa.
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New, more durable solar cells inspired by honeycomb design of insect eyes

In their quest to make cheaper and better solar cells, investigators from Stanford University have developed an innovative new design -, one that's inspired by the eyes of insects. Here's why that matters.
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Solar sunglasses generate electricity while you wear them

Looking for an excuse to permanently wear sunglasses as if you're an aging rock star? This pair of smart sunglasses with solar cells for lenses might just give you the excuse you crave!

Incredible battery uses light to charge itself, but without solar panels

Scientists are in the early stages of creating a battery that uses molecular solar cells to charge, so it will never need plugging into the mains, or removing from the device it powers, and doesn't have actual solar panels attached.
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Researchers say medical implants can be powered by under-the-skin solar cells

n the near future, catching some sun might do more than get you some vitamin D and a tan. Researchers at the University of Bern have shown that solar cells placed under the skin can generate enough energy year round to power a typical…
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Here are the top 10 emerging technologies of 2016, according to the WEF

The Forum’s Meta-Council considered criteria from the chance to improve lives, revolutionize industries, and protect the planet, while recognizing the likelihood that 2016 is a turning point in these technologies becoming more widespread.
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This amazing solar cell is so thin and light, it’ll happily rest on a soap bubble

This amazing solar cell is so light, it can be placed on a bubble without popping it. It's the result of years of research by MIT, and incredibly, despite its small size, has a higher power-to-weight ratio than other solar cells.
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LG announces plans to triple solar panel production by 2020

Following the groundbreaking Paris Climate Change Conference, renewable energy is seeing renewed efforts, and now, South Korea based LG Electronics has promised to triple its solar panel production over the next four years.
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Need some power? Try this spray on solar panel

A group of scientists found a way to create spray-on solar cells using perovskite. The new process is much cheaper and energy efficient than creating silicon solar cells.
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Pyramid structures allow solar cells to cool themselves, improve efficiency and last longer

A team of Stanford researchers embedded small pyramid- and cone-shaped structures on a thin layer of silica glass to redirect unwelcome heat away from the solar cells. This is aimed at improving the efficiency and life span of solar cells.
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New super-cheap, ultra-thin solar cells could threaten fossil fuel dominance

Twin Creeks Technologies has created a new way to make silicon solar wafers that creates far less waste than traditional methods, and cuts the cost of production in half.