Highlight 1.5 update adds location-based photos and event discovery

Just ahead of SXSW, SoLoMo app Highlight adds photo and event features. Will the new additions be enough to steal - and maybe even sustain some SXSW spotlight?
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It’s time to say goodbye to the startups and Web products 2012 was not so good to

It's time to welcome the new year, and that means paying our respects to some of the apps, social networks, and websites that didn't live to see 2013 - or at least won't see much it. Farewell, and good luck to your developers in the coming…

Who needs social? CanWeNetwork targets your location-based professional network

As startups continue to experiment with location-based networking, CanWeNetwork gives up the social pursuit in favor of business connections.

Highlight issues first big update, adds group messaging and better battery life

SoLoMo standout Highlight issues its latest version after a quiet post-SXSW period.

Facebook quietly introduces Find Friends Nearby, its new stab at social-meets-local interactivity; UPDATE: Facebook pulls it

New Facebook app Fine Friends Nearby makes it that much easier to connect with people on Facebook - it might sound superfluous, but it might be the SoLoMo sauce that Facebook's long needed.

After rape and sexual assault allegations, Skout app shuts down teen service

After mingling between its adult and teen communities ended in accusations of rape and sexual assault, Skout will temporarily close its doors to anyone under 18. Should other dating and location apps be taking note?

Geoloqi and Appcelerator join forces for location app development – minus the battery suck

Geoloqi extends its partnership with the Appcelerator Titanium platform for more accurate, less power-draining location-based apps.

Wander starts taking the wraps off its super stealth travel site

Wander will launch within the next month, and in the time prior to it will begin with a warm-up to get users ready for the real thing.

Klik makes face recognition fun and user-friendly; can we get over the creepy factor?

New app Klik from brings face recognition technology to the masses in a sleek, fun format. But as it so often goes, privacy concerns could stand in the way of user adoption.

Foursquare: local coupon features to come

Hear that Groupon? Foursquare will flex its location power and introduce a revamped local couponing system.

Post-Instagram, Facebook acqui(hires) Glancee

An Instagram acquisition this is not: Facebook has scooped up SoLoMo app Glancee, which should nicely complement its mobile efforts, in a deal that screams 'talent grab.'
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Wondering about Wander, the next social-meets-local platform

The startup is very hush-hush, but new funding and a look at its possible inspiration make it look like Wander will be the latest stab at SoLoMo.

Hyperconnected hangover: How are SoLoMo apps doing in a post-SXSW world?

After all the early hype, it's time to take a look at the lowdown on SoLoMo.

Facebook takes another stab at deals with Facebook Offers

The new feature is primarily merchant-focused and doesn't implement location - a seemingly missed opportunity for Facebook, which has struggled with location and rewards.

The Girls Around Me app: Creepy, dangerous, and a good reminder to update your privacy settings

One social-local app takes the check-in fun too far, but offers an important lesson: do you know what you're sharing?

timeRAZOR launches app to continue the FOMO fight

The geo-social app shows you what's planned, what's possible, and keeps it all organized.
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Activity curator Sosh hits iPhone – new cities are next

Sosh goes mobile and sets its sights on new metros in the coming months.

These are the ambient social apps competing for SoLoMo dominance

Before you take the plunge, here are the names you should know, the disappointments you should be prepared for, and the untapped potential for this new class of apps.