International Olympic Committee will host a forum to discuss adding esports

The International Olympic Committee and the Global Association of International Sports Federations will hold a forum in July to discuss potentially including esports in the Olympics.

Amazon Prime to show live games from the world’s most popular soccer league

Amazon has inked a deal with the English Premier League to give U.K-based soccer fans with Prime membership live access to a number of games. The package will also offer regular highlights from throughout the season.

This website lets you earn cryptocurrency by picking World Cup winners

Cryptocup gives players an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by predicting the outcome of all of the games in the 2018 World Cup tournament, with the tokens gaining value throughout and the top 10 percent splitting the pot.
Health & Fitness

Nike’s latest patent seeks to protect athletes with impact-sensing pads

Nike's latest patent involves the creation of a dynamic pad system for use in sports, in which the pads can actually sense an impending impact and alter their physical make-up to provide a higher level of protection.

Supreme Court ruling on sports betting may let online gambling run the table

The Supreme Court has found unconstitutional federal legislation that prevented sports betting in most states throughout the U.S., giving online gambling sites a huge new market they can exploit.

Madden director leaves studio, gives series ‘chance for a new direction’

Rex Dickson, the creative director behind the Madden NFL franchise, has left Electronic Arts. His final game before leaving, Madden NFL 18, was one of our favorite football games ever.
Health & Fitness

The Roomba of the tennis court? Ball-retreiving Tennibot launches on Kickstarter

Newly launched on Kickstarter, the Tennibot is a new robot that can be used on the tennis court to automatically retrieve tennis balls, saving time and effort by players, coaches, and tennis pros who usually have to do this tedious work.

The wearable GoGolf GPS always knows the distance to the hole

GoGolf is a hands-free wearable device for golfers that can automatically detect and announce the distance to the hole from your current position. It pairs with a smartphone and works on 30,000 courses around the world.
Health & Fitness

Luxury on the links: Arizona course rolls out high-tech golf cart of the future

Quintero Golf Resort in Peoria, Arizona, is rolling out new high-tech golf carts with touchscreen tablets that offer a host of features including scoring, location tracking, food and drink orders, and much more.
Emerging Tech

Shred like a cyborg with this endurance-boosting exoskeleton for skiers

An innovative new prototype exoskeleton, created by Roam Robotics, is designed to help wearers on ski slopes to protect their joints. Coming soon to a snow-covered mountain near you.
Emerging Tech

Drone-catching drones to bolster security at this week’s Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics is about to start and security officials have put in place measures to deal with any rogue drones that show up, including an anti-drone "gun," a drone-catching drone, and, for extreme situations, a SWAT team.
Emerging Tech

A.I. perfectly predicted last year’s Super Bowl score. What happens to betting?

What happens when artificial intelligence algorithms are used to do what they do best — identify patterns and nuances in data that human eyes typically can’t catch. Could these algorithms undermine the house and turn sports betting on…

The OnCore smart golf ball can take your game to the next level

The Genius smart golf ball from OnCore is packed with high-tech sensors and can be paired with a smartphone to track a number of important stats that golfers can use to analyze and improve their game.
Virtual Reality

Super Bowl champ Reggie Bush never left football, he just went to VR

For five NFL games of the 2017 season, Super Bowl champion Reggie Bush served as co-anchor of NextVR's NFL highlight packages, offering player insight. He spoke with Digital Trends about how VR sports commentary may be the next phase of his…
Health & Fitness

MuscleSound uses ultrasound to help athletes perform at their peak

By detecting damaged muscles and monitoring injury recovery, MuscleSound claims to aide athletes in their quest to perform at peak condition. MuscleSound says it is able to "look inside your muscles."

‘Overwatch’ gets esports team skins and new currency in 2018

Overwatch will be adding esports uniform skins for all 12 teams in the Overwatch League in 2018. All players will be given currency to buy one skin for free. The league kicks off on January 10.
Social Media

Twitter puts a new Happening Now feature at the top of your timeline

Twitter is adding another feature to your timeline. Called Happening Now, it does what it says on the tin, offering access to tweets and information on current events. Happening Now targets sports fans at launch.
Emerging Tech

Adidas robot factory pumps out its first city-specific running shoes

Adidas has just unveiled its first robot-made running shoe designed specifically for runners in London. More city-specific versions are on the way, including for Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, and Shanghai.