Spotify vs. Pandora: Which is better for you?

Which music streaming platform is best for you? We pit Spotify vs. Pandora, two mighty streaming services with on-demand music and massive catalogs, comparing every facet of the two services to help you decide which is best.

The average person spends about $15 on streaming music all year

The average person is spending about $15 on streaming music for the entire year, according to a recent Nielsen Music study. In total, the average person spends $156 on music, with only nine percent of it for streaming.

Kanye West may take on Spotify, Netflix, and TV with new streaming service

Kanye West is trying to shake up the entertainment industry once again. His representatives recently filed a trademark for Yeezy Sound, a service aimed to provide everything from streaming music and chat rooms to TV.

Getting the ghouls together? Checkout our epic Halloween Spotify playlist

In search of spooky music for costumed creeps? We've rounded up the 30 best Halloween songs on Spotify, ranging from classic oldies to modern hip-hop hits, to guide you into the most monstrous weekend of the year.

Here are the 10 best video game soundtracks you can stream on Spotify

There are tons of great video game soundtracks out there, covering a huge number of genres. Here are some of the very best video game soundtracks you can stream for free anytime on Spotify.

Billboard Charts will weigh streaming services more heavily in 2017

Billboard Charts has announced a change in the way it handles its streaming services. Starting in 2018, will begin to weigh streaming services more heavily in an attempt to keep track with the changing industry.

You may soon be able to presave albums on Spotify thanks to

Just because you're not buying albums as soon as pre-sale offers come out doesn't mean you don't want to be the first to hear a new album when it drops. That's where pre-saves for Spotify come in.

Take a stroll down melody lane with Spotify’s new Your Time Capsule playlist

Spotify has unveiled a new personalized playlist, dubbed Your Time Capsule, that compiles songs from a user's past. The playlist will be full of dozens of songs within seconds of selecting Your Time Capsule.

How much is Spotify Premium — and how can you get it at a discount or for free?

Having access to millions of songs comes at a price -- albeit, a pretty small one. Before you figure out how much is Spotify Premium going to cost you, you’ll want to see if you qualify for a discounted, or even free, subscription.

The SmartDesk 3 could be the smartest piece of office furniture you can buy

Autonomous introduced the SmartDesk 3, a desk that rises to the occasion when you need to eat, stay hydrated, or call an Uber. It's powered by a built-in virtual assistant that learns your daily habits and offers suggestions.
Android Army

Spotify and Waze partner to bring music to your ride on iOS

Navigation app Waze is teaming up with Spotify to bring tunes to your ride. New in-app tools will make it easier to pull up your playlist, switch tracks, and launch the Spotify app.

Share Spotify tracks with your friends via the new iMessage app

You don't need to be in the same room to enjoy the same tunes as your friends. Thanks to Spotify's new iMessage app, you can easily text your favorite beats to your favorite people with just a few taps of the finger.