Street View

Google’s new Street View backpack offers better imagery in a lighter package

Higher-quality imagery is coming to Street View thanks to a new design for Google's Trekker backpack. The kit, which enables Street View to capture imagery from more places, has improved camera sensors and is lighter than before.

First sheep, then cats, and now Google Street View offers a dog’s perspective

If you're a fan of dogs, Japan, and Street View, then the latest imagery to hit Google's online service is sure to delight. It has been collected via lightweight cameras strapped to two hardy, and very furry, Akita dogs.

Look what happened when Google Street View met Bing Streetside

They both use camera-equipped cars to collect street imagery for their respective online services, but when Google Street View met Bing Streetside on the road once, you may be surprised at what happened.

Wool you look at that: Sheep-powered Google Street View now live

Sheep View 360 mapped the Faroe Islands via sheep, and with Google's help, the project is now live on Google Street View. The final result is a mix of more traditional car-mounted cameras along with sheep and horses.
Virtual Reality

Google Earth VR now lets you explore Street View imagery from 85 countries

Love Google Earth VR? Now you can use the virtual reality app to explore Street View imagery via your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset, making it even more fun for sofa-based globetrotters.

10 crazy Street View images that will make you question reality

Google Street View has been mapping areas around the globe for more than a decade. In that span, the camera-equipped vehicles have snapped some amusing and perplexing photos. Here are 10 funny things on Google Street View.

Head into orbit as Google Street View now lets you explore the ISS

The latest update to Google's Street View is out of this world. It takes you aboard the International Space Station, offering not only views of the world and the station, but details about life aboard it.

You can now hike around Australia's Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park on Street View

Street View has just added Australia's Uluru to its growing online library of travel imagery showing amazing locations from around the world. The pictures were captured using Street View's 14-lens, 40-pound Trekker cameras.
Emerging Tech

Google’s Street View cars are now measuring pollution, and here’s the first map

Google's Street View cars aren't just taking photos everywhere they go. Some are also gathering pollution data for use by city planners and scientists who're looking for ways to help improve the environment.

Google Maps now uses Street View images to save you from getting lost

Google Maps for Android has started pulling images from Street View to offer better guidance for navigation. The images show up during directions, offering more detailed information at potentially tricky turns.

Google can now use Street View photos to update business listings on Maps

Google has been working on new machine learning algorithms that can use Street View images to update business listings and even phone numbers on Google Maps. The algorithms will also be applied to street names.

Watch this astounding trip around the world, made entirely from Google Maps

Hyperlapses can be fun, but did you know you don't actually have to go anywhere to make them? For example, this impressive bit of work by Italian student Matteo Archondis uses screenshots from Google Maps and nothing else.

Explore 360-degree panoramas of an amazing volcanic crater in Google Maps

The volcanic Marum crater off the coast of Australia is one of the most photogenic additions to Google Maps yet. And it brings attention to the island territory of Vanuatu, where recovery efforts from a major cyclone continue.

Google Street View hits an ace with 360 view of the Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup tees off on Friday, with the U.S. team determined to snatch the trophy from Europe for the first time in eight years. Golf fans can even explore the course hole by hole thanks to a new interactive site launched by Google's…

Cat fans, here’s a version of Street View just for you

"Cat Street View" is exactly what it sounds like – a kitty-centric version of Google's popular Street View tool that lets you explore a couple of towns in Japan from the perspective of a cat.

When Google left them stranded, a Swedish mapping startup stepped in

When the Faroese Tourist Board strapped a camera to a sheep, it was hoping the resulting Sheep View video would attract the real-life Google Street View. Instead, Swedish mapping startup Mapillary answered the call.

Immerse yourself in Rio (minus the Zika) with Google’s new Olympics features

Google is introducing a slew of features across its various properties in preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Among the highlights are YouTube live-streams for selected events and a new Street View collection.

Street View enters London’s majestic Westminster Abbey

Street View has added yet another famous location to its already massive library of panoramic imagery. This time it's London's stunning Westminster Abbey, the site of countless royal coronations, weddings, and burials.