Meet Aquabionic: like ski-boot bindings for diving fins

Aquabionic is a new system that combines water shoes with a special binding system based on ski bindings and interchangeable fin mounts, to create a more natural and comfortable diving fin for snorkeling and scuba.

Scorkl takes the best elements of both scuba diving and snorkeling

Scorkl is a hybrid scuba and snorkeling system that combines the best elements of both sports. Users can stay submerged for up to 10 minutes at a time and refill the tank themselves in less than 30 seconds.
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Leave your life jacket on shore and swim safely with this inflatable collar

Ploota is neck-worn device that deploys airbags, designed to keep a person’s head upright, if they’re under water for more than 30 seconds. Just don't forget about it and decide to have a breath-holding contest!
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Innovative prosthetic leg propels wearers through water as if it were their real limb

A new project funded by Northwell Health created the first fully functional swimming leg. Unlike other prosthetics, this leg actually propels wearers through water as if it were their original leg.

Updated Polar M600 sports watch now offers swimming metrics

Beyond the standard distance and pace, swimmers using the Polar M600 can see a real-time look at their strokes per minute and strokes per pool length. The smartwatch can even determine the type of stroke being used.

New web app allows swimmers to check the cleanliness of their favorite spots

Lawa has made water cleanliness less of a guessing game for New Zealanders. By checking out their newly expanded website, swimmers can check out water testing data from around the country.
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A huge artificial wave pool may help make Perth a top surfing destination

Australia is known to have some of the world’s best surf towns. Perth is not one of them. But an artificial lagoon may soon offer ideal conditions for hanging 10 Down Under year-round.
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Can Swarm Intelligence predict the Olympic winners?

A group of eight elite swimmers has created what Unanimous calls a "super swarm" to make predictions about this year's results in the pool. We'll know how accurate the predictions are very soon.
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How BMW’s self-driving car tech will give American swimmers a leg up in Rio

BMW is lending its automotive computer vision expertise to helping Team USA develop cutting-edge technology for improving their swimming. "This tool allows for customized coaching," Peter Falt, director at BMW Designworks, tells Digital…
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Be the best swimmer possible by slipping into this $900 wetsuit

If you're already a great swimmer, this cleverly designed wetsuit from Roka Sports could make you even better. Though you'll have to fork out $900 to find out.

The Misfit Speedo Shine is a fitness tracker that’s perfectly at home in or out of the water

Misfit, makers of the Shine and Flash fitness trackers, has teamed up with Speedo to produce what it calls the first wearable that's designed to provide a high level of accuracy when tracking swimming. Best of all, it can be used in and out…
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Here’s a 100 percent waterproof smartwatch for swimmers

Swimmo designed its flagship product to be "water-oriented," addressing the problems that arise when trying to use traditional touchscreen smart devices when wet. The Swimmo uses simple wrist-twist movement and screen taps to navigate the…

Pump up your pool-time workout with these top waterproof headphones

Swimming can be one of the least enjoyable activities of all time. Waterproof ear buds can elevate the enjoyment factor of your pool time. Our picks for the best waterproof ear buds will make missing a beat a thing of the past.
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The SEAL takes child safety tech out of the pool and into triathlons

Originally developed to give parents and lifeguards an added layer of safety around the neighborhood pool, a new monitoring device has promising applications for endurance sport athletes as well.
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Speedy robotic lifeguards may save more lives this summer

Designed to save distressed swimmers along busy beaches, an Arizona-based company has developed a robotic buoy that travels much faster than a typical lifeguard.
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Powerbreather will change the way you swim and snorkel

Learn to swim, snorkel, or train freely without worrying about your head placement with the Powerbreather.
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Vertigo-inducing designs are now available at a rooftop pool in Dubai

For those unafraid of heights, take a swim in the InterContinental Festival City Resort's clinging pool that sits 36 stories above ground.
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Wide Angle HD Dive Mask captures high-quality video with no hands

This mask functions as a recreational dive mask and also records HD 720p video from the lens between the eyes.