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The people at Glad would like you to sleep in their garbage bags (for eco-consciousness!)

In a recent campaign to promote waste reduction, Glad has reimagined its ForceFlex trash bags into camp tents that can be reused to clean up the campsite after music festivals finish.
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SXSW 2013’s trends by Twitter numbers

Here is this year's boiled down look at SXSW 2013, as seen through Salorix's Twitter data. Consider it also a look at how you can prep for next year's festival.
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We got around at SXSW … transportation-wise, of course

There were plenty of ways to get around Austin during SXSW, and we did our best to try nearly all of them. Here's our ranking on the best and worst ways to go anywhere during the festival.
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Are you a visual learner? Here’s how to make sense of all the SXSW news

It's hard to listen to a keynote speaker and also jot down what's being said. Patrick Ashamalla has an ingenious idea...why write it if you can sketch it? He applied it to SXSW panels, creating notes you'll definitely want to review.

Is audio the final social frontier? Eevzdrop thinks so

Eevzdrop managed to steal a bit of spotlight at SXSW this year, and is banking on audio sharing being the next social feed we want to see. Er, hear.
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What we’ve Shazam-ed at SXSW 2013

SXSW is part interactive, part film, and a whole lotta music. Here are some of the tracks we've Shazam-ed during the festival so you can formulate a playlist hip enough for Austin.
Emerging Tech

BitTorrent makes nice with artists and fans: ‘We’re not The Pirate Bay’

BitTorrent has a notorious rep for being a go-to source for illegally-downloaded media. But with two new products recently launched, it's aiming to distinguish its rep by collaborating with artists directly.

It’s not you, SXSW. It’s me. Me, me, me …

SXSW Interactive Week has come to a close, and the takeaway? We are all a bunch of self-loving, social networking psychos, and SXSW only brings all that out - and that's just fine by us.
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Dating apps at SXSW hope to make serendipity happen

SXSW festival goers looking for love have apparently come to the most technological place to find it. Tons of dating apps were advertised across festival grounds, giving them plenty of options to find one true love - or a one night stand.
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Do Top Chefs dream of electric kitchens? Season 9 winner Paul Qui does

We stopped by Top Chef season 9 winner Paul Qui's food truck heaven, SouthBites, for a quick chat about the equipments in his dream kitchen. We don't know how to use any of 'em, but boy do they sound cool.

SoundCloud has a better plan for cash-strapped subscribers and brands

At SXSW, announced updates to its subscription plans, sharing features, and new engaging features for paying brands.
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Notorious Facebook hook up app invades SXSW to the chagrin of … SXSW

The ... ahem ... notable Facebook app Bang With Friends has made its way to Austin, but SXSW organizers were not impressed with team using the festival name without permission. That doesn't stop the site from continuing to hook people up.