Nokia paid off blackmailers six years ago to keep Symbian source code secret

Nokia reportedly paid millions of euros to hackers who threatened to reveal the source code for its Symbian smartphone OS. The incident, which happened six years ago, is the subject of an ongoing investigation.

The canary is dead, and Nokia needs to escape the Windows Phone mineshaft now

With Windows Phone, Nokia is in competition with itself, as it controls 85 percent of the market, thanks to its fellow manufacturers ignoring it. Can it survive with only Nokia working on its behalf, or will Nokia find itself with another…

Nokia posts a profit at the end of 2012, helped by sales of more than four million Lumia phones

Nokia has published its financial performance data for the final quarter of 2012, where it shows a profit and confirms sales of more than four million Lumia Windows Phone devices.

Can Nokia pull itself back from the edge?

Nokia's gutsy all-or-nothing bet on Windows Phone could potentially restore its former glory, but can the struggling Finnish company hang on long enough to see it pay off?

The Nokia Belle update is here, but is the end of Symbian hardware nigh?

Nokia begins the rollout of its Nokia Belle software update, but the future of its devices running Symbian may draw to a close sooner than expected.

Apple kicks off 2012 with 52-percent share of mobile web browsing

Apple's iPhone and iPad finish the year with a one-two punch in mobile web-browsing market.
Android Army

HTC is the #2 smartphone maker in the US with 21 percent share, right under Apple

The latest numbers are in and Apple still leads the smartphone pack, but HTC has a healthy market share of 21 percent, logging in at a solid number two. Meanwhile, Android continues to lead while RIM continues to bleed. ComScore and Nielsen…

Nokia fails to quietly drop the Symbian name, tries to explain its actions

Nokia attempts to quietly drop the Symbian name from the forthcoming Belle update, but the fans demand an answer as to why. Like the phasing out of the Ovi name, it's all about branding.

Nokia prepares to sell luxury brand Vertu

The streamlining of Finnish mobile company Nokia is set to continue with the sale of Vertu, their low-tech/high-bling luxury device division.

Chrome moves into second place in global browser usage

While Google Chrome has quickly become popular in the United States, the browser has been growing even faster globally and just knocked Mozilla's Firefox into third place.

Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 unveiled with Windows Phone 7.5, turn-by-turn, free music – Everything you need to know

Our complete coverage of Nokia's Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 Windows Phone 7.5 handsets, unveiled at Nokia World 2011 in London. Specs and details on the phones, new Symbian phones, and Nokia's exclusive WP7 apps for driving, public transit…