Get a discounted or free iPhone 7 with these hot deals from the top carriers

You can save big on an iPhone 7 by taking advantage of the latest offers from top carriers. Before you pay full price for Apple's latest phone, check out how you can get your iPhone 7 at a discounted rate, or even for free.

Un-carrier is giving away 100 phones for its T-Mobile Tuesdays anniversary

It's been a year since T-Mobile first started giving away free stuff (yes, really) every Tuesday, and to celebrate the milestone, the Un-carrier is doing the only logical thing -- giving away more free stuff.

4G explained: A guide to LTE, LTE-A, WiMax, HSPA+, and more

We've updated our guide to 4G with information on LTE-A and 5G. Read on to learn what 4G is and the technologies U.S. wireless carriers are using to take mobile data speeds to the next level.
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T-Mobile slashes the iPhone 7 by $100, offers family plan for $35 per line

T-Mobile, the self-coined un-carrier, is knocking $100 off the price of Apple's iPhone 7 -- and sweetening the pot with a cheap four-person family plan.

T-Mobile’s ‘Thankiversary’ promotion includes free gas for a year, other prizes

T-Mobile is launching a "Thankiversary" contest to celebrate the one-year anniversary of its T-Mobile Tuesdays rewards program, and it's letting Verizon and AT&T customers join in on the fun.

One number for all your phones: T-Mobile is now offering call forwarding on steroids

T-Mobile is bringing its Digits program to all subscribers. Starting May 31, customers will be able to send and receive calls and messages from any smartphone, tablet, computer, or wearable.

T-Mobile 'Get Out of the Red' campaign takes the pain out of switching carriers

T-Mobile's Get Out of the Red campaign --which launches on May 24 -- makes it easier to switch from Verizon. The carrier's covering customers' termination fees, device payments, and more.

Calling all T-Mobile customers, many of you will see a fee increase in June

Beginning June 10, 2017, the Regulatory Programs & Telco Recovery Fee for certain T-Mobile accounts will increase. Voice line costs will go from $2.71 to $3.18, and data lines will jump from $0.98 to $1.16.

The LG Stylo 3 Plus comes with a Full HD display and only costs $225

LG has launched a slightly more powerful version of the LG Stylo 3, called the LG Stylo 3 Plus -- a phone that comes with a Full HD display, fingerprint scanner, and more for only $225.

Merger talks between T-Mobile and Sprint reportedly resume

Two years since the last merger attempt, T-Mobile and Sprint find themselves in vastly different situations. Now, it appears the carriers have resumed talks, though the proposed deal could take a different form this time around.

T-Mobile SyncUp Drive service can track 24 cars at one time

T-Mobile's SyncUp Drive, a connected-car subscription service, now tracks up to 24 cars simultaneously at no extra charge. That's good if you have a fleet to manage, the carrier points out.

T-Mobile is doing away with its Free Data for Life program for tablets

All good things must come to an end, and in the case of T-Mobile, that good thing is its "Free Data for Life" program. We know, we know -- it was just too decent to last forever, so now, the Un-carrier has quietly ended the program.