The Siesta2 keeps it cool while you camp beneath the blazing sun

A year and a half in the making, this new outdoor habitat, the Siesta2, promises to be compact, lightweight, but most importantly, capable of blocking both heat and light so that you can sleep comfortably even without an AC unit.

The Go Fast Camper is for folks who want to take a home anywhere in the world

Meet the Go Fast Camper, one of the lightest popup camper models available that promises a setup time of just a matter of seconds. So if you don't want your camper dictating what adventures you can embark upon, the Go Fast may be for you.

Let the river lull you to sleep with the innovative Shoal Tent

This is not the water-filled mattress of your childhood -- rather, the Shoal Tent is a floating home that lets you sleep on just about any surface, including water. It's a combination of a raft and a tent.

Looking to get outside? You may need the latest gear from Mountainsmith

We may be in prime camping season now that the summer is well and truly here, but if you're looking to get some gear in preparation for next winter's hikes, Mountainsmith has you covered with new backpacks and tents.
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Need to escape? Then retreat into your Pause Pod

When life gets too stressful or you just need a break, the Pause Pod can help you slow down, kick back, and relax. It's your private pop-up space, and one you can set up just about anywhere.

Qube tent lets you build a larger space by linking lots of smaller ones

The Qube tent is an interesting tent all by itself. But if you get yourself a few of them you can build a social space for camping with your buddies, or a roomy home away from home where you can enjoy time with your family.

Meet the Nano 2 — a clamshell dome tent that opens and closes like a baby carriage

Unlike a typical side-door dome tent, the Mollusc Nano 2 tent opens and closes like the hood on a baby carriage. It is a one-of-a-kind shelter that is as suitable for a day at the beach as it is on the side of a mountain.

Enjoy ample sleeping and storage space in REI’s newest Quarter Dome tent

REI is now selling the fourth and most recent version of its popular Quarter Dome tent. The updated model adds 28 percent more living space without increasing the weight, a feature REI calls “lightweight livability.”

Meet Skycamp, a treehouse-style tent designed for your car

iKamperusa know all about car camping and has created the ultimate on-the-go tent. Say goodbye to cumbersome poles and rainflys and say hello to the Skycamp, a pop-up tent that sits on the roof of your car and opens in one minute.

The Nubé Stratos is the Optimus Prime of the hammock camping world

With its modular construction, the Nubé Stratos allows hammock campers to choose exactly how much sun, rain, and bug protection they require as they enjoy sleeping under the stars.
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This 1,000-square-foot luxury tent costs more than some houses

Wake up in a huge bed, take a shower, snuggle by the fireplace. This is what camping (or should we say glamping?) looks like in the $100,000 Autonomous Tent from architect Harry Gesner.
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This woman invented a fully compostable tent for music festivals and beyond

It's the cardinal rule for nature lovers and goers everywhere -- leave no trace. And now, one woman is helping everyone make good on that principle with her Comp-A-Tent, the world's first fully compostable temporary shelter.