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These holiday gadgets will make cooking your meal a breeze

Are you dreading the lengthy process of cooking a holiday dinner? Try these holiday gadgets to make the job of cooking much easier. These items will make for an easy, breezy meal.

These Christmas dinner party games are perfect to play with family

Looking for something to do after Christmas dinner? Grab these party games you can play with family -- from Rocket League to Until Dawn -- even if they're not so great with controllers.

8 things gamers can be thankful for in 2017

2017 was a fantastic year for video games. Here are just a few of the stories gamers can be thankful for this holiday season, including a new console's success and the return of a classic horror series.
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Kitchen fires, viral turkeys, family knife fights, and more Thanksgiving fails

If you’re dreading small talk with nosy relatives or fearing you might burn down the house while cooking, we hate to say that your fears might not be unfounded. Here’s a roundup of some of the biggest Thanksgiving fails.
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Take a deep breath, a sip of wine, and ace Thanksgiving with these apps

If you aren't ready for Thanksgiving dinner, don't quit cold turkey. There are lots of apps that can help give you guidance, including selecting the right wine to serve. Here are a few to help you out.
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Most completely unnecessary ways to cook your turkey this Thanksgiving

Cooking the ol' Thanksgiving Day turkey in the oven can take hours. That said, why use a traditional oven when you can just as easily incinerate the bird with a jet engine? Here are the most insane ways to cook a turkey.
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Smoke it, BBQ it, or try sous vide! 6 alternatives to roasting turkey

Looking for alternative ways to cook your turkey? There are many methods that can produce results just as, if not more, delicious. Tie on your apron – here are the best ways to cook a turkey without opening an oven.

20 car technologies we’re thankful for (and a little spoiled by)

There’s a lot to be thankful for this holiday season, but here at DT, cool car technologies are at the top of the list. Inside, we’re giving thanks for heated seats, adaptive cruise control, and much more.
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Wolfgang Puck will give you a hand this Thanksgiving with new Chef’d offerings

Here to ensure that you are thankful this season is someone who (probably) has more experience cooking for crowds than you do. Wolfgang Puck is teaming up with meal kit company Chef'd to bring you a Thanksgiving experience.

Mobile shopping continues to make an impact on Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Regardless of the retailer, mobile shopping made itself known over Thanksgiving and Black Friday by making a strong dent on online traffic and sales across the board. Odds are the same will be said on Cyber Monday.
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Turkey day tips: Here’s how to keep Thanksgiving leftovers edible for longer

Thanksgiving leftovers are tasty and can often feed you for days, but how long before bacteria and mold make the turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce no longer safe to eat? Keeping food fresh is easy as pie -- here's how.