The Hobbit

Guardians of Middle-earth review: Ambition can’t save this cash-in

WBIE's Guardians of Middle-earth may get the basics of the multiplayer online battle arena genre right, but that isn't enough to distract from the fact that the game is a blatant attempt to cash in on two trends simultaneously.
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Release dates, subtitles finalized for Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy

Peter Jackson is now making three Hobbit films, and we've got release dates and subtitles for each one.
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Warner Bros. scales back distribution plans for The Hobbit at 48fps

Peter Jackson shot The Hobbit at 48 frames per second, but now it seems unlikely that many of you will see it that way.
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Arguably new Hobbit trailer hits the ‘net

Thanks to roughly three seconds of new footage, our headline is technically accurate.
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It’s official: The Hobbit is now a trilogy

What Peter Jackson wants, Peter Jackson gets, thus The Hobbit will now span three films.
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Peter Jackson wants The Hobbit to be a trilogy

If you were excited for Peter Jackson's two movies based on The Hobbit, you'll be giddy to hear that he's planning a third.
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Peter Jackson takes us on a tour of the tech behind The Hobbit

Here's a sneak peak of everything that's going into The Hobbit, one of the most anticipated movies of 2012.
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The Hobbit News: All the dwarves in costume, and Peter Jackson’s video blogs

If you wish to remain absolutely pure and unsullied for The Hobbit, like a kid that knows where the presents are hidden but refuses to peek so they can be surprised on Christmas morning, then turn away now. In fact, you may actually want to…
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Official ‘The Hobbit’ sneak peak, Martin Freeman’s huge feet

Official sneak peak behind the scenes at The Hobbit with shots of Gandalf and Martin Freeman's Bilbo, as well as the biggest hobbit feet so far.
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Director Peter Jackson: ‘The Hobbit’ is shot at twice the normal frame rate

Director of upcoming Lord of the Rings prequel "The Hobbit" says he's shooting the film at 48-frames-per-second, rather than 24 fps, because it looks far superior.
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Daniel Craig to return as 007; Bond 23 to hit theaters in Nov. 2012

Daniel Craig fans can rejoice. The British actor will be returning to the role he redefined in Bond 23. The film is scheduled for a late 2012 release.

Guillermo Del Toro unveils his new game, Insane

Writer, producer and director Guillermo Del Toro is adding video game developer to his impressive resume. His first game, a horror game called Insane, is slated for a 2013 release.