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Thunderbolt 5 cable plugged into an Aorus laptop.

What is Thunderbolt 5?

Thunderbolt 5 is the next-generation Intel connection standard coming in 2024, with greater bandwidth than anything that's come before.
The Razer Core X Chroma external graphics card on a desk next a laptop and a monitor.

Thunderbolt 5 may help bring back external GPUs, Intel says

Two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 4 support can be seen on the left-hand side of the MSI Prestige 14.

Intel’s Thunderbolt 4.2 promises up to three times the capability of predecessor

Two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 4 and a 3.5mm audio jack on the left-hand side of the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 2.

Intel just proved how powerful Thunderbolt 5 really is

Dell XPS 15 9560 review

What is Thunderbolt, and is it different from USB-C?

thunderbolt 3 could be coming to chromebooks

The next Surface devices could finally get Thunderbolt. Here’s why that’s vital

A Thunderbolt cable.

Intel’s upcoming Thunderbolt 5 could make future USB-C ports twice as powerful

ThunderBolt port pc connection

PC ports explained: Get to know the back of your computer

best usb c hubs kingston nucleum hub

The best USB-C hubs

razer thunderbolt 4 dock chroma laptop stand productivity

Razer’s new Chroma docks transform gaming laptops into powerful workstations

sigma 20mm f14 art review macbook air 2020 1

Future Apple Silicon Macs will still have Thunderbolt ports

A Thunderbolt cable.

Thunderbolt 4: A supercharged port upgrade with 8K monitor support

Apple MacBook-review-USBC-port

Check your ports! Researchers find scary vulnerability in Thunderbolt accessories

Researchers revealed that hackers can target your Mac or PC in a hardware hack by plugging a malicious peripheral into the Thunderbolt port. When the the compromised accessory is attached, hackers can run malicious code to steal your data. As a result, users are advised to stay away from untrusted accessories.
Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB16

Dell Thunderbolt Dock TB16: Our first take

thunderbolt 3 and usb type c might be match made in heaven thunderboltfeature

Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type-C might be a match made in heaven

Intel has announced Thunderbolt 3. In addition to a blister 40 gigabytes per second of bandwidth it offers compatibility with the USB 3.1 standard and USB Type-C connector.
seagate says goodbye thunderbolt drives lacie will now carry torch backup plus

Seagate says goodbye to Thunderbolt drives, LaCie will now carry the torch

Seagate does away with support for Thunderbolt, leaving its other brand, LaCie, to handle that market.
usb 3 1 puts pedal metal early speed tests usb30port

USB 3.1 puts the pedal to the metal in early speed tests

Early speed tests from Anandtech show that USB 3.1 is significantly quicker than 3.0, pushing almost 700 megabits per second in sustained read/write tests.
lacie reveals upgradeable d2 thunderbolt 2 drive final

LaCie’s new d2 Thunderbolt 2 external drive is SSD-upgradeable, but expensive

LaCie's new external hard drive is big, expensive, and upgradeable. Learn more here.
lacie reveals new rugged drive with built in thunderbolt cable 1

LaCie claims its new Rugged drive with Thunderbolt can sustain drops up to four feet

That's no kid's toy! LaCie's Rugged drive now sports an integrated Thunderbolt cable.
western digital casts down my passport pro the first thunderbolt powered portable dual external hard drive

WD casts down the first Thunderbolt bus-powered portable dual hard drive

Western Digital has just released new external hard drives that employ Thunderbolt and pack a pair of disks that can be configured in RAID as well.
Mac Pro inside

The new Mac Pro changes the game for creative pros – will they keep playing with it?

intel unveils worlds fastest thunderbolt thumb drive intelthunderboltflashdrive

Intel unveils ‘world’s fastest’ Thunderbolt thumb drive at Computex

Intel's introducing one of the first Thunderbolt thumb drives, which promises to increase data transfer speeds to 10Gbps, doubling that of USB 3.0
belkin thunderbolt express dock side

Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock finally available for $300

Belkin recently announced the availability of its $300 Thunderbolt Express Dock. It comes with a bunch of ports, including two Thunderbolt connections.

Intel’s next-gen Thunderbolt doubles in speed, supports 4K

Intel showed off its new Thunderbolt design, codenamed "Falcon Ridge," which can move 4K videos at 20Gbps and be plugged into a 4K monitor at the same time.

G-Tech launches G-Drive Thunderbolt-powered external hard drives and docks

At the NAB Show in Las Vegas, G-Technology introduced a slew of 4K-ready storage solutions for consumers and professionals that use Thunderbolt and USB 3.0.

Rumors show the Elite, Fireball and a 4G LTE Windows Phone coming from HTC in 2012

Verizon Thunderbolt update fixes random reboots, drops free mobile hotspot support

Thunderbolt cables contain microchips and firmware

MacBook Air rumor roundup: Sandy Bridge, Thunderbolt, and back to black?

New MacBook Air Looking Likely for June or July

Apple releases new iMacs with Thunderbolt, quad-core processors

Apple iMac 27-inch

Apple rumored to release new iMacs with Sandy Bridge Tuesday

Intel to add USB 3.0, Thunderbolt support with Ivy Bridge processors


Goodbye, USB: Intel to release Thunderbolt developer kits