HoloLens virtual touchscreen is the futuristic tech we’ve been waiting for

HoloLens mixed reality headset owners could soon interact with the virtual world using a virtual touchscreen. Microsoft Research developed a method called MRTouch to allow users to overlay a touchscreen on any flat surface.

Apple’s latest touchscreen keyboard patent suggests a squishy, keyless future

Apple's flirted with the idea of making a touchscreen keyboard for a while now, but a new filing made public gives us a sneak peek at how such a device could work -- and why it could be revolutionary. 

Bring your car into the 21st century with Alpine’s hovering touchscreen display

Alpine's iLX-F309 in-car infotainment system is a touchscreen that "hovers" slight in front of your dashboard so that you can place a modern screen even in the most retro of vehicles.

Is this gesture-controlled steering wheel genius or madness?

Self-driving cars are the future of transportation, but how will we interact with them? Buttons? Voice commands? How about a touchscreen? That's the approach that ZF's new steering wheel takes, and it just might work.
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Carnegie Mellon’s smart projector blurs the line between physical and digital desktops

Carnegie Mellon researchers have developed a new smart projector that allows your regular work desk to transform into one giant touchscreen -- and even compensates for it being cluttered.

Apple says it is still not considering adding touchscreen capabilities to Macs

Journalists have once again been poking Apple with the idea of a touchscreen-enabled Mac or iMac, but Apple is resolutely against the idea, claiming it tried it out but wasn't happy with the results.

CES 2017 proves 2-in-1s are becoming the new normal

As 2-in-1 devices grow more and more popular, laptops with touch capabilities are destined to become the industry standard – and it may happen more quickly than you think.

Neonoe AirBar adds a touchscreen to your MacBook Air, but is it a must-have?

MacBook Pro users may have a Touch Bar, but now MacBook Air users can have an entire touchscreen, thanks to AirBar. The sub-$100 sensor makes it possible to use your entire display as a touch device.

Turn your computer into a touchscreen with AirBar

You won't be made a fool when you tap your computer screen -- if you have an AirBar. This new accessory instantly turns your PC into a touchscreen device, because sometimes, using a trackpad or a mouse is just too hard.
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Lazertouch is a projector that lets you turn any surface into a touchscreen

You may never have to confuse your touchscreen with your non-touchscreen surfaces again, thanks to Lazertouch, the world's first mini projector that transforms any surface into a finger-activated touchscreen.

Here's why you need the hands of a surgeon to beat Flappy Birds on hard

Annoyed by imprecise timing in touchscreen gaming? Researchers are hard at work on the problem, using Flappy Birds for testing, of course.
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Talk to the hand: This new touchscreen technology touches you back

Researchers from the University of Sussex are developing new touchscreen technology that may change how you interact with your smartphone and other smart devices. Rather than restricting the haptic feedback to the screen, the University of…