Selfless move? Uber may be selling its self-driving technology to Toyota

Uber has been working on its self-driving car technology for quite some time now, but it won't just benefit itself. Uber is in the process of negotiating a deal with Toyota in order to install a self-driving system in minivans.

Uber’s self-driving trucks are now moving freight across Arizona

Uber has just revealed that for several months its self-driving trucks have been transporting commercial freight across Arizona. But the system still has a trained driver monitoring the ride and avoids busy city streets.

Drunk guy doesn’t quite recall requesting a $1,600 Uber ride

Ever taken an Uber ride after a few drinks and accidentally requested the wrong destination? This guy did and it cost him $1,635. Kenny Bachman meant to stay in West Virginia but took a ride back to his home in New Jersey.

‘Uber Health’ lets doctors book patients’ rides to and from the clinic

Missed doctor appointments due to transportation issues is a serious problem for health care facilities. Uber Health is a new platform that lets organizations book rides for patients to and from the clinic.

Uber’s ExpressPool service offers cheap fares, but you’ll have to walk a bit

After several months of testing, Uber has officially launched ExpressPool, offering its cheapest fares to date. There's only one snag — you'll probably have to walk a block or two to meet your driver.

Citymapper says its new app-based Smart Ride service is part taxi, part bus

Frustrated with strict regulations that hindered the development of its London bus service, Citymapper has launched Smart Ride, a new app-based service described by the company as "a bit like a bus ... [and] a bit like a cab."

Uber focuses on safety improvements as it battles to regain its London license

In a bid to regain its London license, Uber has unveiled measures to improve the service's safety. Uber lost its license in September over safety concerns, but can operate while it waits for its appeal to be heard in the spring.

Ridesharing giant Uber’s rise has been meteoric, anything but trouble-free

Uber forever changed the way we move, but its meteoric rise to wardthe top of the tech industry wasn't trouble-free. Here are some of the scandals that have rocked the ridesharing giant over the past few years.

To combat fatigue, Uber will force U.S. drivers to take a break after 12 hours

In an effort to combat driver fatigue, Uber will be forcing its drivers to take a break. The new feature in the ridesharing platform will kick in automatically once drivers have been active for 12 hours.

Toyota investment in JapanTaxi may make things tougher for Uber in Asian nation

Uber has had a tumultuous relationship with its major Asian investors. Now, things are getting more complicated. Didi and SoftBank are working together to bring ridesharing services to Japan. Worse yet, Toyota has invested in JapanTaxi.
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Still want a Facebook ‘dislike’ button? Big blue tests ‘downvote’ option

Facebook tests out a 'downvote' button, Apple says the iBoot leak doesn't affect up-to-date devices, Waymo is now an Uber investor is a sudden and unexpected settlement of a major lawsuit.

Uber extends an olive branch to Waymo as it settles trade secret lawsuit

Uber settled the lawsuit over Waymo's intellectual property to avoid a jury verdict. The company will pay Waymo million, though it doesn't admit wrongdoing and pledges to continue developing self-driving technology.