Split your Uber charges with friends more easily than ever with Venmo

After noting that more than six million Venmo transaction descriptions included the word "Uber," the PayPal-owned app, Venmo, decided to help users cut down on the number of steps needed to repay friends. 

Uber rolls into electric scooter market with investment in Lime

Just a few months after acquiring electric bicycle company Jump Bikes, Uber has made yet another strategic investment in a two-wheeled startup. The San Francisco-based tech giant announced a new investment in Lime, the electric scooter…

Uber focuses on safety improvements as it battles to regain its London license

In a bid to regain its London license, Uber has unveiled measures to improve the service's safety. Uber lost its license in September over safety concerns, but can operate while it waits for its appeal to be heard in the spring.

Uber drivers have made $600 million in tips since last year

After years of complaints and competing ridesharing services already allowing riders to tip drivers, Uber finally allowed tipping last June. Since then, drivers have made $600 million in tips.

Safety driver was watching Hulu during the fatal Uber accident in Arizona

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has banned Uber from testing its self-driving cars in the state following a March 18 crash in Tempe, which killed 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg as she crossed the street.

Uber is paying drivers a bit extra to drive electric vehicles instead of gas guzzlers

Uber is going electric, and it's not afraid to spend the money to do so. On June 19, the company unveiled a program that incentivizes drivers to use electric vehicles rather than traditional gas guzzlers.

Uber is testing a low-fare option that’s great if you’re not in a rush

Uber is testing a new feature that offers lower fares for riders. Opting for the cheaper ride means waiting a bit longer for your car to arrive, but if you have the time and don't mind waiting, you'll save yourself a few bucks.

Google Maps on Android no longer lets you book Uber rides

Early last year, Google announced that Google Maps would allow customers to book rides straight from the Maps app. Now, however, it seems as though that feature has been removed. It's unclear why it happened.

Amazon, Microsoft, Uber donate to oppose the California Consumer Privacy Act

Amazon, Microsoft, and Uber have made large contributions to a group attempting to prevent a privacy act from becoming law in California. As per state disclosure records, several tech giants have made similar donations.

Saying goodbye to Uber for good: How to cut ties with the ridesharing service

If you thought that deleting the Uber app would also delete your account, think again. You'll have to deactivate your account, then wait 30 days. Check out our simple guide to deleting your Uber account once and for all.

Uber eyes millions of new riders with the launch of Uber Lite

Uber has just launched a lightweight version of its app. Targeted at emerging markets such as India, Uber Lite uses just 5MB of storage to offer a service that still manages to retain some of the core features of its regular app.

Uber could soon know if you’re drunk before the car arrives to pick you up

Uber has filed a patent outlining an idea to use app-based artificial intelligence capable of detecting "uncharacteristic" behavior, such as drunkenness, among riders. But why does it want to know?