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For further cleaning convenience, Roomba now has IFTTT functionality

Everyone's favorite self-driving vacuum cleaner, the Roomba, just added an IFTTT integration, so you can have the bot start cleaning when you leave the house or stop when you're on the phone.
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Got a pile of dust on your floor? This garbage can will suck it up

You know that little line of dust that you inevitably leave as you sweep debris into a dustpan? The Bruno garbage can could eliminate that forever, with a built-in vacuum that lets you sweep dirt right into it.
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Darth Vader uses the force to clean your dirty floors with Samsung's new vacuum

Pretending you're in a galaxy far far away is getting a lot easier thanks to Samsung's introduction of the Star Wars limited edition Powerbot robot vacuum cleaner. Get it as a Darth Vader or Stormtrooper model.
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Want to keep your home spotless? The Ecovacs M80 Pro robotic vacuum can help

The Roomba may have been the first robotic vacuum to capture the attention of clean home enthusiasts (and cats) everywhere, but some of its imitators seem to have bypassed the original. Chief among them is the Ecovacs Deebot M80 Pro.
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The Steva+ from Nugeni is an all-in-one vacuum and steamer

Meet the latest in home vacuum systems -- one that actually melds the power of a vacuum with the cleaning capacity of a steamer. It's called the Steva+, and it promises to be a powerful steamer and vacuum combination
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Google Assistant can now help you operate the Neato robotic vacuum

For anyone who owns one of Neato Robotics' Botvac Connected series, the company has announced integration with Google Assistant. Now users will be able to control their robot vacuum with their voice.
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Dyson is more than just vacuums — it patented a ‘high-velocity’ hairbrush

The best company from which to buy your haircare products? Your vacuum company, of course. At least, that is what Dyson is hoping, now that it appears to be working on its second hair product -- a "high-velocity" hairbrush.
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You can control Samsung’s newest robot vacuum with your voice

We've come a long way since technology first started terrorizing our pets with robot vacuum cleaners, and now, Samsung is showing us what the digital cleaners of 2017 will look like. Meet the VR7000, the latest from Samsung.

CompREST is a compactable foam camping mattress that sucks in a good way

Canadian entrepreneur Sawyer Pahl wants to do away with uncomfortable air mattresses that leak while you sleep. Pahl has created CompREST, a vacuum-sealable camping mattress that combines the portability of an air mattress and the…
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Neato’s new vacuum bots cut old prices but keep their sweet features

Neato just launched two new vacuum robots. Botvac D3 and Botvac D5 demonstrate a step forward for a company that has already won plenty of fans for its modernist bots and sophisticated navigation system.
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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball automatically rights itself if it topples

Now you can pull a canister vacuum all around the house and not get frustrated when it tips over. The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball will right itself automatically. A curved body and low center of gravity keep the Dyson upright.
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Miele says it’s finally figured out a better bagless vacuum

Miele swore off bagless vacuums ... until it created the Blizzard CX1. The company says its vacuum is superior to the competition because it doesn't release a plume of dust when you empty the canister.