T-Mobile is called out for ads that claim its network is faster than Verizon’s

False advertising doesn't go unnoticed, or apparently, unpunished. T-Mobile has been called out for some questionable messaging around being the fastest network because, apparently, it's not.

The DuraXV LTE is a sturdy flip phone bound for Verizon’s airwaves

Kyocera's DuraXV LTE is the perfect basic phone for 4G LTE speed junkies on a Verizon plan. It starts at $264 and supports features like Push to Talk Plus, Wi-Fi Calling, and more.

The Verizon Wear24 Android Wear smartwatch has been discontinued

Not to be outdone by the competition, wireless carrier Verizon released a smartwatch of its own, the Wear24, in early 2017 to compete with the Apple Watch. But it has reportedly been discontinued.

After major backlash, Verizon revises stance on kicking customers off service

Verizon has now confirmed that it has disconnected 8,500 customers in rural parts of the country because they were using too much data. So really, folks who need Verizon and its networks the most are now being cut off. 

Following earthquake, wireless carriers offer free calling from U.S. to Mexico

Following the tragic Mexico City earthquake, mobile carriers have begun allowing customers to call and text to Mexico for free. Here's how each carrier has responded to the tragedy.
DT Daily

Verizon to put some video playback limits on its unlimited data plans

Verizon looks to dial back some features in their unlimited plans, Google's smart headphones hints, VW's cool I.D. Buzz microbus is a go.
Android Army

Verizon will start throttling smartphone video to 480p or 720p

Verizon's unlimited plans are about to get a lot less unlimited. On August 23, the carrier will begin throttling video streams on its network to lower resolutions for existing and new customers.

When disaster strikes, this secret Verizon bunker keeps your phone working

Verizon's ultra-secure switching center in Yonkers, New York handles 300 million data connections every day. We took a tour to learn more about how the carrier has protected it against natural disasters.

The best mobile hot spots from your carrier for Wi-Fi access everywhere

Mobile hotspots give you internet access on any of your devices by using data from a cellular network, and if you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll probably want to see the best mobile hotspots for you and your next destination.

Verizon’s new program gives it permission to track your digital history

Verizon launched a new rewards program called Verizon Up. While it may sound like a good deal, there are some issues with it. For example, the program lets it track your browsing history, location, and more.

Verizon slowed down YouTube, Netflix, and other video streaming services as part of a "test"

Verizon Wireless admitted that it throttled video traffic on its mobile network -- including streams from YouTube and Netflix -- as part of "test." It said that speeds would return to normal in the next few days.

Sprint nails Verizon with ‘Twice the Price’ ad, sneaks in unlimited data plans

To promote its prices for unlimited data, Sprint decided to poke fun at Verizon. The carrier released a promo video for a fake pop-up shop called "Twice the Price," -- a store that stocks items for double the price.