Bring your iPhone to Virgin Mobile, get a year of unlimited cell service for $1

Virgin Mobile is redefining itself, and a part of that new identity involves partnering with Apple and turning its business into the first "iPhone-only" carrier. The carrier's new program is called "Inner Circle."
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Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity SpaceShipTwo makes a successful debut solo flight

It's been over 2 years since a tragic crash derailed the SpaceShipTwo program, but Virgin Galactic has rebounded with a successful glide test of its new space plane, VSS Unity.

Richard Branson launches latest broadband-for-the-masses satellite project

Get ready for yet another sky-based broadband-for-the-masses project. Following Facebook and Google is Virgin, which, together with Qualcomm, is investing in satellite firm OneWeb in a bid to bring Internet connectivity to remote parts of…
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Virgin puts its deep-sea exploration mission on hold

If you were hoping to pay $500,000 to travel down to the depths of the ocean then you're going to have to wait a little longer: Virgin Oceanic has put its deep-sea exploration plans on hold.
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Virgin Galactic’s tourist spacecraft crashes, kills co-pilot

Definitely not the best week for space travel, Virgin Galactic's tourism rocketship SpaceShipTwo suffered a malfunction earlier today and crashed in the Mojave Desert near Kern County, California.

Google Glass trialled by Virgin Atlantic staff at London’s Heathrow airport

In an effort to add a certain 'cool' factor to its service while improving the check-in procedure for fliers, Virgin Atlantic staff are trying out Google Glass and other wearable tech at London's Heathrow airport.
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Virgin Airlines to give top customer free trip into space

Frequent flyer with Virgin Airlines? If so, you could find yourself flying into space next year.
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Kids in space – Branson to take family on SpaceShipTwo’s maiden flight

SpaceShipTwo's maiden space flight, set for next year, will be a family affair for Richard Branson, with both his children accompanying him on the trip. Branson's space programme also has more than 500 paid-up passengers waiting in line.

UK Internet providers to allow customers to block all pornography

Internet service providers in the UK will offer new customers the choice of blocking all pornography through their connection. The ISPs insist that the optional 'porn filter' will not affect anyone who does not wish to opt in.

BlueBeat to pay $1 million for illegal online music sales

Remember back when BlueBeat was selling "psycho-acoustic" versions of Beatles songs online for 25 cents? Now they get to pay $1 million in a settlement.

UK regulator finds average broadband half advertised speeds

Regulators find that average download speeds in the UK are still less than half the advertised "up to" speed promoted by ISPs.

How to design a cover for Virgin’s iPad-exclusive Project magazine

Virgin is holding a competition for designers to recreate its iPad-only magazine's cover, and we've got the contest rules.