Watch how folks react during rides in Waymo’s driverless cars

Waymo is working to convince people of the safety of self-driving cars, with a new video showing the experiences of some of its riders. The company aims to launch a ridesharing business with its driverless vehicles this year.

Waymo is now working on self-driving trucks in Atlanta

On Friday, the self-driving unit of Alphabet, Waymo, announced that it would be launching a pilot program in Atlanta where the company's autonomous trucks will begin carrying freight intended for Google's data centers. 
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Waymo jumps into the high-tech truck competition with Uber and Tesla

Waymo's self-driving semi trucks to join Uber and Tesla on the open road, Fortnite heads for smaller screens, Jon Favreau is set to pilot a new Star Wars series for Disney.

Take a virtual ride in one of Waymo’s self-driving cars with this video

Ever wondered what it's like to ride in one of Waymo's autonomous minivans? This video offers a taste of the experience, plus an explanation of how self-driving cars avoid crashing.

You can now hail a ride in a fully autonomous vehicle, courtesy of Waymo

Waymo was just granted a Transportation Network Company permit in Arizona, which gives it clearance to operate as a paid ride hailing service. This good news compounds the company's recent lawsuit win against Uber, which granted the Google…
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Still want a Facebook ‘dislike’ button? Big blue tests ‘downvote’ option

Facebook tests out a 'downvote' button, Apple says the iBoot leak doesn't affect up-to-date devices, Waymo is now an Uber investor is a sudden and unexpected settlement of a major lawsuit.

Uber extends an olive branch to Waymo as it settles trade secret lawsuit

Uber settled the lawsuit over Waymo's intellectual property to avoid a jury verdict. The company will pay Waymo million, though it doesn't admit wrongdoing and pledges to continue developing self-driving technology.

Uber settles with Waymo for $245 million, avoids a jury verdict in Otto case

Google-owned Waymo filed a lawsuit against Uber alleging that Otto — a startup purchased by Uber in 2016 — stole confidential information related to autonomous-car technology. Waymo claims Uber is in possession of 14,000 stolen files.

Waymo orders ‘thousands’ of Chrysler Pacifica minivans for its autonomous fleet

Waymo will receive "thousands" more Chrysler Pacifica minivans beginning later this year, on top of the 600 Pacificas already in its fleet. The minivans will be used in an autonomous ride-sharing service.

Atlanta is the latest testing ground for Waymo self-driving cars

Waymo is heading to Atlanta to test its self-driving cars. The Georgia city presents new challenges for the company's fleet of autonomous minivans, including hot and humid weather.

Waymo returns home to San Francisco, where its self-driving tests first began

After taking some time away from the West Coast, Waymo is bringing its autonomous vehicle technology back to the place it all began -- San Francisco. The self-driving Chrysler Pacific has been seen making its way around the Bay Area.

Waymo, Lyft, and all the self-driving car companies at CES 2018

Companies like Ford and Audi might build the cars, but these are the companies building the technology that makes self-driving cars possible, and they’re all out in force at CES 2018.