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Showtime comes to LG smart TVs, no cable subscription required

If you’re an LG smart TV owner looking to watch Showtime originals like Billions or The Chi, but don’t want to pay for a full cable subscription, getting the premium channel has never been easier.
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LG’s WebOS 3.5 smart TV platform is the first to be certified by UL as secure

Are you worried about your TV spying on you? LG announced on Tuesday that webOS 3.5, the latest version of its smart TV platform, is the first to be certified by UL's 2900-1 Cybersecurity Assurance Program.
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LG upgrades remote, adds new features with webOS 3.0 smart TV platform

By the time we actually get to January, we're not sure LG is going to have any surprises left, as it just keeps announcing things. This time the company has announced it will debut the latest version of its webOS platform at the show in…
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LG announces a big, free webOS 2.0 upgrade for last year’s smart TVs

LG has that key features from its newest smart TV operating system, webOS 2.0, will make their way to older TV sets. Performance and usability improvements are among the headliners.

Two unannounced LG smartwatches show up at the FCC, one with pictures in tow

LG and Verizon have something cooking up. Recent FCC filings show two unannounced LG smartwatches that are compatible with Big Red's network. The FCC was even nice enough to include a few pictures, too.
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Tizen OS takes shape in Samsung smart TVs | Hands on

Tizen OS significantly smartens up Samsung's smart TVs in 2015. We went hands on with the new interface at a Samsung SUHD event held in New York, and came away impressed. Check out our video for more.

LG's elegant Watch Urbane LTE exposes everything that's wrong with Android Wear

We go hands on with the Watch Urbane LTE, LG's attempt to make its own smartwatch operating system. With awesome new features, LTE built in, and a beautiful new design, it's our favorite new watch at Mobile World Congress 2015.

If you hate TV, you’re doing it wrong

Television gets a bum rap -- it's the attention black hole of every living room, right? But smart TVs can actually bring people together in unexpected ways. And maybe book your next vacation.
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LG’s slick webOS smart platform gets even slicker in 2015

LG unveils webOS 2.0, the next evolution for its extremely intuitive smart TV platform, originally launched at CES 2014. The system adds new features for easier access to content and TV settings, while speeding up boot up time, app loading…

LG wants to make a smartwatch powered by WebOS

LG has plans to bring WebOS back to the mobile world, just not installed on a smartphone, but a smartwatch instead. A developer website gave the game away, but revealed little in the way of detail.
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LG slings 1 million WebOS-enabled smart TVs in just three months

South Korea-based LG announced Monday that it has surpassed one million units sold with its line of WebOS-enabled smart TVs, which was launched just three months ago. LG predicts it will reach the 10 million-unit milestone by the first half…
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Hands on: After failing on phones, webOS flourishes in LG’s latest smart TVs

We went hands on with LG's webOS smart TV platform at an exclusive event held at the company's Silicon Valley lab. We held high hopes for the platform, but our experience vastly exceeded our expectations. Here's why.